Parks board approves Showse lighting

By Karen Cornelius

The Vermilion Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, August 15. They discussed a variety of topics including park permits, new lighting for Showse Park, the football program, and new park improvements. The following are briefs from the minutes of the business meeting:


Correspondence/group use permits: Board members approved park permits for a Dirty Dozen Fundraising Tournament at Showse Park on August 26 and a Kingston of Vermilion fitness class at Main Street Beach on August 23. They read correspondence from Anne Naugle concerning the August 3 success of the Vermilion Beach Market at Sherod Park. She will make a donation to the parks department, and she received permission for the use of Sherod Park next year for this event on August 3 & 4 of 2018. She was asked to submit a parking plan and to provide more restrooms.


Requesting a permit for August 11 of 2018, was Mark Valenti of Blind Dog Gym who organized the 2017 Scottish Games & Women’s World Championships taking place in Sherod Park early in August of this year. The board directed him to fill out another community group use permit and advised there needs to be more pre-event coverage.


Another park use permit was requested from Dywayne Jarrell for a youth traveling baseball team of Vermilion and Amherst youth to use Sherod Park next year. They would mow and maintain the field and use it for practices and games as their home field. He was advised to obtain a Community Event Group Use Permit through Anne Maiden at the Mayor’s Office and attach his insurance information. Parks supervisor Dana Corogin was supportive and suggested volunteers could upgrade the dugouts.


Recreation director’s report/football: Recreation director Chad Kuhns submitted a report by email stating the baseball and softball season finished on July 15 and football season started on July 31. He wrote they had 65 participants in the football program this year, three tackle teams and one flag football team. They are working with Keystone and Amherst this year to start a travel flag football team and hope to grow this program.


The director said “Movies in the Park” was very successful this year, probably one of the best. He said Main Street Vermilion, advertising, and local business sponsors helped make it successful.


Parks supervisor’s update: Director Corogin reported that Bob Cunicella will try to attend next month’s meeting to discuss the concrete deck around the city pool which needs attention. She had estimates for brushed concrete, stamped concrete, and stamped and colored concrete ranging from $24,000 to $44,000. The issue was tabled until the September meeting.


Corogin noted that city service director Tony Valerius reported the white house on the museum property is coming down soon. He received a bid of $6,000 which includes the removal of debris, grading, and seeding. Parks board approved the expenditure of $6,000 to remove the white house.


She told the board the bricks at East Exchange Park are a trip hazard and she would like to see if the Vermilion in Bloom Steering Committee would fund this project and provide a plan to the board. She suggested the Parks board could get a grant so this could be a partnership. The board granted verbal permission to come back with some options.


Corogin noted the bike repair station at Exchange Park is being used. She also thanked board member Brad Scholtz and Air Tug for making an iron steel sled which is making a difference in the quality of the sand. Scholtz thanked Linwood Park for the idea. Corogin added that John Hill of the Vermilion Tree Commission would like to donate a tree to Victory Park on behalf of the Vermilion Rotary Club. Corogin would choose the location for a maple tree on September 20. She said Terry Pena would assist in the planting. The board approved the tree planting.


Corogin also brought up the historic marker in Victory Park and its need to be refurbished. One price estimate was $1,200. The project was put on hold to see if any group would like to do this as a community service project. She additionally asked for $500 to purchase a larger bucket for the John Deere tractor. The board authorized the purchase.


She thanked Dan Pryor for repairing the observation deck and making a doggie station for Main Street Beach. She thanked Shore Thing volunteer Ted Kulinna for replacing spindles on the beach deck. She asked the board to consider five property signs to delineate the beach property for next year. She said in order to study innovative storm water management technologies in northern Ohio, an agency asked to install a storm water monitoring device at Showse Park. This was approved by the board. Lastly, permission was asked by Margaret Wakefield to add a wayfinding sign for the print museum in Friendship Park. Corogin will meet with Wakefield and report back.


Showse Park Lighting Project: Corogin notified the board in order to receive $6,000 from the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant they need to order poles for this project by the end of August. It’s a project that has been discussed for two years. The new LED light poles allow banners and flowers on them and there is an electrical outlet on each pole to wrap Christmas lights. While it’s a lot of money, parks board is committed to this project. Corogin said the last things to do at Showse are resurfacing the basketball and tennis court areas, and expanding the playground. The board approved spending park funds for the five light poles not to exceed $24,000, including a not to exceed of $4,000 to have Ohio Edision remove five existing fixtures and poles, and the new installation cost not to exceed $25,000. It was added that $6,000 would come from the grant with the hopes of raising $3,000 per light fixture from donors who would like name plates on the poles in honor or in memory of residents. Those interested in donating a light pole could contact Corogin.


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