Relatively small improvements will provide big benefits to park-goers

By Melanie Williamson             At the Tuesday, September 18, Parks and Recreation Board meeting, there were several improvements discussed for Vermilion parks. While relatively small, these improvements would provide big benefits to residents using these parks. Sherod Park Resident Katie Lalonde addressed the board regarding a proposal for a new playground for Sherod Park. SheContinue reading “Relatively small improvements will provide big benefits to park-goers”

Township trustees talk to parks board to create community playground

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, February 21. The following is from the unapproved minutes of that meeting. Road Department: Road Foreman Steve Young reported that they are continuing work on signs and should be completed with that within a few weeks. Tom Lalonde informed the Board heContinue reading “Township trustees talk to parks board to create community playground”

Parks board approves Showse lighting

By Karen Cornelius The Vermilion Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, August 15. They discussed a variety of topics including park permits, new lighting for Showse Park, the football program, and new park improvements. The following are briefs from the minutes of the business meeting:   Correspondence/group use permits: Board members approved park permitsContinue reading “Parks board approves Showse lighting”