Port Authority shares list of upcoming projects and potential projects

By: Melanie Williamson

During the Thursday, March 9, Port Authority meeting, Port Operations Manager Bill Yancar provided the board with a list of upcoming projects and potential projects to improve Water Works, McGarvey’s Landing, South Street Ramp, Exchange Street, Clarion Drive, and some general projects.

The list included installing a ceiling and outdoor fans in the pavilion at Water Works along with anti-skid reads on the pavilion staircase and a venting system in the pump out station. In regards to the pavilion, the list also includes installing roof vents, resealing the area, and reseeding the grassy area north of the pavilion. For McGarvey’s Landing, the list included WiFi and new umbrellas, as well as repairs and upgrades in the bathrooms including adding bathroom chairs and fixing the tile in the men’s shower. There are also plans in the works to clean all the spot lights, rake, till, and apply leaf mulch to all the planters before May 11. At this time, it is undecided if the kiosk should be repaired or replaced.

They are currently gathering information on adding security cameras to Water Works, McGarvey’s Landing, and the South Street Ramp. They are also looking into a possible grant that could cover the cost of the security cameras. Additionally, they are applying for grants to possibly add a handicap launch ramp and a handicap kayak/canoe launch.

They would like to add WiFi at the South Street Ramp and purchase the Ken King property in order to expand the dockage. The list included replacing broken posts around the upper and lower parking lots at the South Street Ramp and upgrading the workboat to meet Coast Guard regulations. There are also repairs needed to the upper and lower parking lot and the ramp office.

Water Works, McGarvey’s Landing, and the South Street Ramp need new credit card machines because the bank no longer supported the existing machines. At Exchange Street they are looking at their options to either repair or replace the long dock, and at Clarion Drive they are looking at releveling the deck at the north end of bulkhead and painting the bulkhead.

Some of the items on the wish list of general repairs and upgrades were replacement of the ducks used in the Duck Dash, upgrades to computer systems, and assure all water systems are functional by Thursday, May 11. These were just a sampling of the projects list provided to the board.


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