Charting the Course

By: Mayor Eileen Bulan

I just recently attended the Annual Meeting for the Erie County Health Department.  The Health Department’s jurisdiction is the ENTIRE City of Vermilion, in Lorain and Erie County. They work very hard to provide services for our community and for the entire area.  I would like to make you more aware of many of their services your tax dollars bring to the citizens of Vermilion.

Two Fridays a month, the Health Department holds a clinic at the Vermilion YMCA.  They provide infant immunizations, adult immunizations as well as traveler’s immunizations.  They provide blood pressure monitoring and address many other health needs of children and adults.  This is a service that is used by many members of the community but many people are not aware of the benefit that is offered right here in Vermilion.  If you want to make an appointment for your visit, you can call 419-626-5623 or toll-free 1-888-399-6065, Extension 174, Central Scheduling.

The WIC program (Woman, Infants and Children) provides services to mothers and their children until five years of age.  This program gives advice and support to new mothers.  It also provides a special supplemental nutrition program for mothers, infants and children.  This program is located at the Vermilion YMCA on Wednesday.  You can contact the Health Department to make an appointment at the toll-free number 1-888-399-6065.

The Erie County Health Department provides school nursing services throughout the region including the Vermilion public schools and St. Mary’s School.  Many students come to school with health issues that need to be addressed and the school nurse is there to help them during the school day.  They are also present to help administer medications and record and report childhood progress.

The Erie County Community Health Center provides dental and oral health care services.  They also reach out to multiple community outreach events such as the Give Kids a Smile Program.  The goal is to increase oral health education and prevention programs targeted toward increasing optimal oral health care services in our community.

The Health Department employs sanitarians that provide inspections of public pools.  This sector of the department focuses on items that pose the greatest risk of disease transmission or injury.  They collect, test and monitor our beaches checking for E-coli bacteria during the summer months.  The data is on-line at and in local newspapers.  In recent years, they also posted signs at the beaches.  Should a beach have to be closed, the Health Department regulates that closure.

The Health Department provides septic tank inspections in our rural area as well as health related inspections of homes.  The sanitarians provide inspections of our restaurants and schools to make sure that the kitchens are clean and the food is safe for consumption.  They work closely with our City Building Department on all types of inspections relating to health issues.

As you are aware, the addiction epidemic continues to grow and the health department has worked together with all our communities to find solutions to end this epidemic.  The Health Department solution is called the “Circle of Care”, that provides all of the essential pieces to enable an addicted individual to begin and remain in recovery.  Please contact the Health Department for more information.

The Health Department has also just opened a Regional Response Water Laboratory, which is a key component for water testing of many kinds, including the Lake Erie’s harmful algal blooms.  This regional Response Lab is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist in decisions requiring water analysis.

There are so many more services offered by the Erie County health Department.  I urge you to look at their website, or visit them at the Vermilion Family YMCA for more information.  Check the website for exact dates and times that they are in Vermilion because their schedule could change.

The City of Vermilion certainly appreciates all that they do for our community and looks forward to continuing working with them in the future.  Pleae avail yourself of these services if you need them and remember that they service the ENTIRE CITY, Lorain and Erie County and Vermilion Township.


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