Support “Sunflowers for Melanie”

Melanie Stainbrook has touched the lives of many. Through her passion for teaching she made a positive impact on children and their families. The love she carried for her family and friends was boundless. She embodied everything that was warmth, positivity, strength, and most of all – happiness. All direct associations to the sunflower. After years of teaching, Melanie’s last wish after a long battle with cancer was to give back to the children she adored one last time.

Help her accomplish this dream by filling the yards of Vermilion and surrounding areas with wooden sunflower lawn decorations and sunflower window clings. Each donation from this effort will go directly to the Vermilion Salvation Army to benefit local children. Let us bring a smile to Melanie’s face as she looks over us by giving back to the community.

The Vermilion Salvation Army provides several services to children in the community including backpacks and school supplies at the start of the school year, winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves throughout the winter months, gifts for Christmas, and food throughout the year. The Salvation Army Food Pantry serves approximately 250 families every month. Additionally, nearly 100 children at the Vermilion Elementary School benefit from the Salvation Army backpack program which provides a bag of healthy food each Friday to last them through the weekend.

If you are interested in donating or have questions, please contact Susan Wells at 440-320-8322 or Karlene Hollars at 440-371-0057 for the wooden sunflower lawn decorations or Kelly McCurdy at 440-935-0604 for the sunflower window cling. The wooden sunflower lawn decorations are being provided with a minimum donation of $10, and the window clings are being offered for a minimum donation of $5. The Stainbrook family appreciates everyone’s continued love and support for Melanie


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