Vermilion police investigate stabbing

According to the investigative report prepared by Vermilion police Detective Stephen Davis, he was dispatched to Mercy Hospital on Friday, April 21, due to the fact a man was being treated for a stab wound.

According to the report, the victim stated he had gone to Showse Park to walk and get some exercise around 10 a.m. He reported that he was in the southeast corner of Showse and wearing headphones when he was attacked from behind and stabbed in his right side. He went on to report that nothing was stolen and the assailant fled after stabbing him.

Detective Davis reported that he spoke with the victim at length and “he had several points of his story that did not make sense.”  Davis reported that he stated he thought the victim knew who the assailant was, but the victim maintained that he did not know who it was.

The attacker was described as a clean-shaven white male, wearing a white t-shirt, baggie jeans, a blue jean style ball cap, and reddish brown Timberland style boots. While investigating the incident, the area of Showse Park was searched, but there was no blood or weapon found and no one that matched the description.


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