How Vermilion burned its way into the 20th century

By; Rich Tarrant During the early years of the 20th century there were a number of very significant fires in Vermilion. In December of 1903 nearly all the buildings on the west side of Division (now Main) Street, just south of the railroad tracks, went up in flames. And just seven years later, on AprilContinue reading “How Vermilion burned its way into the 20th century”

A bit of Vermilion High School history from 1889 to 1919

By: Rich Tarrant I had to pick and choose to make the composite photo that accompanies this week’s column. I would’ve liked to show the entire booklet.  However, I seriously doubt that everyone would find it as interesting as do I. So I opted to illustrate just a few bits and pieces of a smallContinue reading “A bit of Vermilion High School history from 1889 to 1919”

Remembering the people and places of yesteryears

By: Rich Tarrant I was actually searching through my files for a photograph on quite another subject when I came across those accompanying this week’s essay. In the yesteryear the scenes portrayed in these snaps would have been commonplace. And that is most likely the reason they caught my eye. These pix portray Vermilion asContinue reading “Remembering the people and places of yesteryears”

The mystery surrounding a local salon keeper’s death remains unsolved

By: Rich Tarrant The best word I can think of to describe it is “dive.” Fresh out of the Army in February of 1967 it was the type of place where I felt quite at home: It was dark, dank, smoky and often very loud. It was not the type of place you’d take yourContinue reading “The mystery surrounding a local salon keeper’s death remains unsolved”

Sharing old memories of old friends and a simpler time

By: Rich Tarrant Tommy Dale Boone was my first best friend when I was about eight. He lived across the street from us (i.e. the Tarrant family) on Perry Street back in the 1950s and 60s. When the accompanying snapshot was taken we were outside the newsstand (currently the Olive Scene) on Liberty. I canContinue reading “Sharing old memories of old friends and a simpler time”

The art of moving big things

Prior to our nation becoming a throwaway society folks used to save things – or at least try to save them. When someone wanted, for instance, a piece of property to construct a building, and an old building was on that property it was not a foregone conclusion that the best way to proceed would be to raze the old to make way for the new.