Vermilion’s iconic lighthouse was vandalized with crude graffiti

By Karen Cornelius Graffiti scratched around the base of Vermilion’s replica 1877 lighthouse perched on the former museum property’s hill at the foot of Main Street was discovered by lighthouse keeper Tim Costello on Sunday, July 16. Any vandalism to private property is upsetting to the owner who has to make repairs, but to damageContinue reading “Vermilion’s iconic lighthouse was vandalized with crude graffiti”

Chief reports on/vandals, rescues/and nuisances

By Karen Cornelius Vermilion police chief Chris Hartung addressed the Health and Safety Committee on Monday night, June 12. His monthly report reflected the summer warm weather has kicked off the season with its usual mischief and crime. There’s petty vandalism, thefts, car entries, and already six rescues made by the police patrol boat. TheContinue reading “Chief reports on/vandals, rescues/and nuisances”