The trees are awakening – what happens in spring

Over winter the trees have been dormant.  They have been in a state of suspension, having shed their leaves, stored nutrients, and turned down food production.  Now the sun is shining longer, the temperature is warming, and the trees are awaking from their long winter’s nap.  They are beginning to prepare for a season ofContinue reading “The trees are awakening – what happens in spring”

Spring Is around the corner and sap is rising

Winter hopefully is fading fast and the first really noticeable signs of spring are here – maple syrup making.  Although we’ve had some warm spots, the weather has had cold nights and above freezing days, the perfect weather for tapping maple trees for sap.  We’ve talked somewhat in a previous column about making maple syrup,Continue reading “Spring Is around the corner and sap is rising”

Tree Tips

Proverbially Speaking . . . Trees form an important part of our lives.  We are surrounded by trees both outside our homes and towns and also in our homes itself – wooden flooring, paneling, furniture, etc. Wood is also a part of our culture and language.  Trees and reference to trees are found in numerousContinue reading “Tree Tips”

Tree Tips: Memorial Trees

Several weeks ago there was a newspaper article about a very large Southern Magnolia on the White House lawn that has become old and badly damaged and is to be cut down.  Aside from the fact that it is very old with an extremely large and wide canopy and trunk size, it has a veryContinue reading “Tree Tips: Memorial Trees”

Vermilion Tree Commission revisited

The Vermilion Tree Commission is entering its seventh year this January of service to the Vermilion community and time has flown.  We have grown and expanded in objectives, projects, education, working with the public and service to the community.  Some people are certainly aware of what we do, but there is still some confusion aboutContinue reading “Vermilion Tree Commission revisited”

Tree Tips – why the leaves fall

Why the Leaves Fall The turning of leaf color and eventual falling of leaves are a part of the trees’ strategy and preparation for winter.  Some trees, such as evergreens, have developed methods of winter survival. Deciduous, or broadleaf, trees have leaves that are thin and wide and are very vulnerable to cold and snowContinue reading “Tree Tips – why the leaves fall”

The Leaves Are Turning, But When?

As sunlight decreases and days become cooler, the trees are beginning to prepare for winter.  Winter is a bad time for trees to grow – too little sunlight, too little water, and too much cold.  Trees need to store nutrients (sugars) in their roots as well as water to survive over winter. They also haveContinue reading “The Leaves Are Turning, But When?”

Tree Tips: Tar Spots

The Vermilion Tree Commission has had queries and concerns from homeowners who are somewhat alarmed about blackish spots that they are seeing on their maple tree leaves.  These are a fungal infection called “tar spots.”  Not to be alarmed, and even though they look unsightly on the leaves, tar spots is basically a cosmetic problemContinue reading “Tree Tips: Tar Spots”

Tree Tips

Goodbye, Leaves Summer has flown, Labor Day has passed, and we are now looking at the seasonal changes of nature preparing itself for winter.  Not noticeably, but trees have already been readying themselves for cold weather since mid-summer.  As we know, the leaves on trees will change colors soon and eventually fall off.  However, thereContinue reading “Tree Tips”

Wicked Trees

The last column discussed medicinal benefits that trees might have.  However, there is an opposite side to the coin.  Trees can also have chemical or pharmaceutical aspects that may be detrimental or even deadly to humans and other living things.  Trees are not necessarily “wicked” in this sense, but they have these properties for self-defenseContinue reading “Wicked Trees”