School Zone

By Superintendent Philip Pempin I came across the article below in my reading and research.  This expresses many of the thoughts I have regarding the State Report Card. “Most of us can remember getting report cards as kids. Sometimes the grades would be a validation of a job well done; sometimes they were disappointing, consideringContinue reading “School Zone”

Superintendent suggests alternative to protest state report cards

By Melanie Williamson Last month the state report cards for all the school districts were released. In an article published in the Thursday, September 21, edition of the Photojournal, superintendent Phil Pempin and assistant superintendent Jim Balotta responded to the release of the state report card. At that time, both Pempin and Balotta reiterated theirContinue reading “Superintendent suggests alternative to protest state report cards”

Students continue to voice concerns over state tests at school board

By: Melanie Williamson Roughly a dozen students stood outside Vermilion High School on Tuesday, May 23, during the special school board meeting to protest state testing. Two of these students, Sawyer Nauert and Sierra Scott, came in to voice their concerns to the school board and those in attendance at the meeting. Nauert explained thatContinue reading “Students continue to voice concerns over state tests at school board”