Superintendent discusses flooring issue and possible skate park with board

By Melanie Williamson Treasurer Search: Treasurer Suzanne Wilson has announced she will be retiring, but she has not said when exactly, so the board is collecting information on the process and timeline for finding a new treasurer when it is needed. Doug Crooks, superintendent of North Point E.S.C. addressed the board concerning the services NorthContinue reading “Superintendent discusses flooring issue and possible skate park with board”

Superintendent suggests alternative to protest state report cards

By Melanie Williamson Last month the state report cards for all the school districts were released. In an article published in the Thursday, September 21, edition of the Photojournal, superintendent Phil Pempin and assistant superintendent Jim Balotta responded to the release of the state report card. At that time, both Pempin and Balotta reiterated theirContinue reading “Superintendent suggests alternative to protest state report cards”

School Zone

By Phil Pempin I’m sure most, if not all, of the Photojournal readers are aware of the protests involving the National Anthem at various football games around the nation.  These protests might have our readers wondering what should or will happen in the event these protests find their way to any of our events.  IContinue reading “School Zone”

Introducing Vermilion School Superintendent John Christian Seemann

By: Rich Tarrant The following article appeared The Vermilion News on August 12, 1909: “The public will be greatly surprised to learn that superintendent J. C. Seemann (b. 1863) resigned at the regular meeting of the Board of Education Monday. During vacation time Mr. Seemann made an agreement with the Waterbury–Waterman Co., for selling heatersContinue reading “Introducing Vermilion School Superintendent John Christian Seemann”