Mayor’s Notes – May 30, 2019

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Last week, our heroic middle school teachers took their students on the annual town walk. They visit the water plant, police department, downtown merchants and…the Mayor’s office among other places. EVERY group asks me the same question, “What is your favorite thing about being mayor?” I always say, “You are.” AndContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes – May 30, 2019”


Mayor’s Notes

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Warmer weather…finally! Don’t you feel better already? Vermilion is getting ready to bloom and our snowbirds are returning. It also means we can get down to the job of making repairs and improvements to our city. All of the above are good for our beautiful town. Ohio Gas Tax and YOU!Continue reading “Mayor’s Notes”

Mayor’s Notes

 By Mayor Jim Forthofer Korean fried chicken, facials, ballet shoes and coffee. You have heard me say it before. I believe that commercial and light industrial enterprises developed in the east end of town are critical to Vermilion’s future. We have had some initial success.  With this success comes new jobs and an expanded taxContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes”