Mayor Eileen Bulan reflects on her service; thanks the entire community

By Karen Cornelius Mayor Eileen Bulan is watching her eight years as Vermilion’s leader quickly disappear on December 30, her last day in office. She began her first four-year term facing some tough problems and is retiring with the city vastly improved and stable. While she will miss parts of her duties, she feels upbeat,Continue reading “Mayor Eileen Bulan reflects on her service; thanks the entire community”

Charting the Course

By Mayor Eileen Bulan I started writing this column in April of 2010.  It is hard to believe that it has been eight years.  It is also hard to believe that this is my last column. I began my journey with the City of Vermilion in 1980 as Clerk of City Council.  The City CouncilContinue reading “Charting the Course”

Charting the Course

Now that the holiday season is upon us, I want to encourage everyone to shop local.  In Vermilion, local stores provide the majority of jobs for our residents. Our local shops are very friendly and you will usually be able to find what you are looking for or the shops would be willing to orderContinue reading “Charting the Course”

Council adopts $110,000 note for parking lot, moratorium on marijuana

By Karen Cornelius Mayor’s report/Grand Division lot: Vermilion City Council met on Monday night, November 6, with city engineer Lynn Miggins excused. There were no committee reports, no engineer and law director reports, no audience participation, and no old business.   Mayor Eileen Bulan reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will hold aContinue reading “Council adopts $110,000 note for parking lot, moratorium on marijuana”

Charting the Course

Every year, on November 11, Veterans Day, the Vermilion Veterans Council organizes events that take place that day.  We are very fortunate to have three veterans’ organizations in Vermilion, American Legion, AMVETS and Veterans of Foreign War (VFW).  Together, they form the Veterans Council. In the daily life of our community, the Veterans Council isContinue reading “Charting the Course”

City ready to go online showing its finances on

By Karen Cornelius Vermilion City Council met on Monday, October 23, and watched a presentation from a state treasury department representative concerning Vermilion’s readiness to go online and join the site to show all its financial transactions from 2012 through 2016. Once the city rolls out onto this website, the general public can useContinue reading “City ready to go online showing its finances on”

Charting the Course

By Mayor Eileen Bulan There is a new park levy on the ballot for the City of Vermilion!  This levy will help improve the maintenance of our parks and expand recreational programming. To give a little history, on November 7, 1961, the voters of Vermilion adopted the City Charter which took effect January 1, 1962. Continue reading “Charting the Course”


By Mayor Eileen Bulan The City of Vermilion works with many entities on a day to day basis to help improve our City.  One of these organizations that we work very closely with is the Erie County Regional Planning Commission.  They help us with our grants and plans for the community.  A part of RegionalContinue reading “Charting”

Charting the Course

Every year I write a column thanking all our volunteers.  I wasn’t going to do it again this year except that every time I look outside or go outside, I see someone else volunteering for our community.   I am still amazed about the amount of volunteers we have in our city.  Main Street Vermilion keepsContinue reading “Charting the Course”

Charting the Course

By Mayor Eileen Bulan We do get asked a lot of questions about Vermilion so I thought I would try and answer some of these today. How come there are so many water line breaks? Vermilion’s water lines are very old which makes them susceptible to breaks.  Recently, we have had major breaks because contractorsContinue reading “Charting the Course”