Letters to the Editor – Santa by Fire Truck

Below is the first letter to the editor announcing the change, and the second is a resident’s letter in response to the change. Our understanding of the decision is that it was made in response to complaints from residents in areas outside the traditional Santa by Fire Truck neighborhoods that the social club should notContinue reading “Letters to the Editor – Santa by Fire Truck”


October 15, 2018 12:48- 4300 block of Edgewater: Squad assist. 15:50- 1100 block of Sweetbriar: Warrant arrest. 18:42- 900 block of Jefferson: Fraud complaint. 20:44- Liberty: Traffic stop resulting in an Possession of Marijuana citation.   October 16, 2018 14:30- 300 block of Niagara: Minor 2 vehicle accident. 15:04- 5700 block of Liberty: Fraud complaint.Continue reading “Blotter”

Marketing director says schools have story to tell

By Candace Barczyk The Vermilion Local School District and its students have something to say, and according to Marketing/Communications Director Jason Sockel, his job at the district is to get that message out. Supt. Phil Pempin introduced Sockel, who was hired several months ago in the new position for the board of education, at itsContinue reading “Marketing director says schools have story to tell”

Ordinance No. 2018 – Mobile Food Services

Below is the full draft of the proposed ordinance regarding food trucks in Vermilion. It was made clear during the Monday, September 24, city council legislative committee meeting that this is a rough draft and that any part of this ordinance may be changed or eliminated. The discussion on this draft will continue at the Monday, October 1,Continue reading “Ordinance No. 2018 – Mobile Food Services”

If you ever wondered about Vermilion’s cannons…

By Rich Tarrant The photograph accompanying the column this week was taken by a young man named John Bernard “Bernie” Gribble during the summer of 1941.  Gribble was 16 years old at the time. Although I have no concrete evidence to prove it, the photo was very likely taken by the young man in anContinue reading “If you ever wondered about Vermilion’s cannons…”

Vermilion Township explores adding EMS transport services to their department

The Vermilion Township trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, March 7. The following are from the unapproved minutes of that meeting. Community playground: Mrs. Katie Lalonde, resident, updated the Board on results, from a survey she conducted on Facebook, regarding interest in a community playground area.  Mr. Kurtz stated he had been workingContinue reading “Vermilion Township explores adding EMS transport services to their department”

Learning about the tragic end of three Vermilion doctors

By Rich Tarrant Coming from a newspaper family when I was growing up a good deal of the conversation about the dinner table was, of course, the news of the day. Those conversations were also sprinkled with a good variety of events of the yesteryear. Among those topics at one time or another was aContinue reading “Learning about the tragic end of three Vermilion doctors”

Looking at two snapshots capturing moments of change in Vermilion

By: Rich Tarrant In 1927 a 38-year-old Methodist minister named Earl Thompson English arrived in Vermilion with his wife Zella and their children Jean and her brother Robert. It was, incidentally, the very year Vermilion’s Methodist church, which had experienced a significant decline in active membership, had merged its congregation with the town’s First CongregationalContinue reading “Looking at two snapshots capturing moments of change in Vermilion”

Police Beat

July 24th, 2017 0109 – Sanford Street: Report of a suspicious male in the area who may be attempting to enter cars.  The suspect was located and identified but no vehicles were observed to have been entered.  The male was taken home and released. 1546 – 1100 block of Adams Street: Report of a disturbanceContinue reading “Police Beat”

Parks board receives updates on projects, baseball, and park cleanups

The Vermilion Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday night, June 20, at the municipal complex for their regular monthly business meeting. Members heard about a new Eagle Scout project, improvements to the various parks, and spent time discussing the museum property. The following are briefs according to the minutes of the meeting:   ChurchContinue reading “Parks board receives updates on projects, baseball, and park cleanups”