Mayor’s Notes

 By Mayor Jim Forthofer Korean fried chicken, facials, ballet shoes and coffee. You have heard me say it before. I believe that commercial and light industrial enterprises developed in the east end of town are critical to Vermilion’s future. We have had some initial success.  With this success comes new jobs and an expanded taxContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes”

It is a good thing I don’t wear socks while working

By Rich Tarrant Though I’ve been retired for about a decade I think the only thing that has really changed is that I don’t receive a paycheck for my time. Now, that’s not really a complaint. It’s just an observation. The compensation for doing what I do (i.e. slogging through history) is very rewarding: TheContinue reading “It is a good thing I don’t wear socks while working”

A tale of city lots staked above soldiers’ graves

By Rich Tarrant “And city lots are staked for sale, / Above our soldiers’ graves.” – I have for a long while admired the poetry American poet Walt Whitman. Some years ago I had a nice biography of him that I have since lost. But I remember bits and pieces of it. One of theContinue reading “A tale of city lots staked above soldiers’ graves”

Mayor’s Notes

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Woollybear is uniquely Vermilion. It swells our population tenfold for one day every year. Some residents participate, some hunker down. Either way it is a tremendous shot in the arm for Vermilion’s image. While I was standing on the street Sunday, waiting for my part in the big show, no lessContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes”

Municipal court and police department thankful for new transport van

By Judge Zack Dolyk The Vermilion Municipal Court and the Vermilion Police Department have acquired a transport van.  We want to thank the Erie County Commissioners, William Monaghan, Mathew Old, Patrick Shenigo as well as Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. Chief Christopher Hartung had attended a meeting of area police chiefs and learned the Erie County SheriffContinue reading “Municipal court and police department thankful for new transport van”

A song, a prayer and a grawlix: it was never just a church to many

By Rich Tarrant On what appears to have been a chilly autumn Sunday morning in the 1930s my grandfather paused for a moment and took the accompanying photograph. And while these shadows were frozen some years before my time began on earth the scene seen is where I spent a good deal of time inContinue reading “A song, a prayer and a grawlix: it was never just a church to many”


By Superintendent Philip Pempin   Check the internet for articles about school safety and you will find an abundance of columns like the one below.  Parents are frightened to send their children to school, and they want to know what schools are doing to keep students safe.   School shootings and armed teachers: Sending myContinue reading “SCHOOL ZONE  “

Louis “Cloudy” Noel: gone but certainly not forgotten

By Rich Tarrant I am aware of the existence of only three tokens like the one pictured with this essay. The first was one owned by Vermilionite Irvin G. Howell (1906–1997) that was apparently misplaced during a local history celebration. A person walking along the beach near Linwood Park found the second token. Vermilionite JohnContinue reading “Louis “Cloudy” Noel: gone but certainly not forgotten”

Mayor’s Notes

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive in the Mayor’s office.   Why did my water bill double?! Your consumption may change but the water rates rose only $1.00 per CCF (19%) in 2017. Our water rates are on par with those in other communities…lower thanContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes”

Looking back on a sad goodbye to Crystal Beach and a lasting memory

By Rich Tarrant A jillion years ago – when I was young – I loved the fact that there was a soda pop factory in our town. When “they” burned it to the ground back in the 1950s – as the late great newsman Walter Cronkite might have put it – “I was there.” IContinue reading “Looking back on a sad goodbye to Crystal Beach and a lasting memory”