The art of moving big things

Prior to our nation becoming a throwaway society folks used to save things – or at least try to save them. When someone wanted, for instance, a piece of property to construct a building, and an old building was on that property it was not a foregone conclusion that the best way to proceed would be to raze the old to make way for the new.

Charting the Course

By: Mayor Eileen Bulan I just recently attended the Annual Meeting for the Erie County Health Department.  The Health Department’s jurisdiction is the ENTIRE City of Vermilion, in Lorain and Erie County. They work very hard to provide services for our community and for the entire area.  I would like to make you more awareContinue reading “Charting the Course”

Police Beat

  March 13, 2017 12:25: 600 block of South Shore Court: Domestic violence complaint filed. 16:24: 4000 block of Woodlands Drive: Fraud complaint over internet purchases filed. 18:14: Niagara Road: Motor vehicle accident with no injuries. March 14, 2017 09:45: 600 Decatur Street: Warrant served for Failure to Appear. 13:32: Edgewater Drive: Motor vehicle accidentContinue reading “Police Beat”

Charting the Course

By: Mayor Eileen Bulan This week I wish to explain the unavoidable need for an increase in our water rates.  It is critical that Vermilion continue these services and we must generate the necessary funds to do so. The City of Vermilion water and sewer funds are called enterprise funds and that means that theyContinue reading “Charting the Course”

Police Beat

March 6, 2017 14:08- 300 Block of Elberta: Narcotics complaint. 17:48- U.S.6: Minor two-vehicle accident. March 7, 2017 15:02- 600 Block of Hazelwood: Verbal domestic complaint. 15:38- 5000 Block of Sailorway: Menacing complaint. 17:14- U.S.6: One vehicle accident involving a semi and traffic lights. 20:02- 5000 Block of Ohio: Disturbance complaint. March 8, 2017 14:16-Continue reading “Police Beat”

Sharing old photos and reminiscing about yesteryears

By: Rich Tarrant Recently I wrote about developing glass negatives in what used to be my brother, Al’s, former conventional darkroom. But what I didn’t mention is that the same process can also be used to develop film negatives. While Roscoe (my grandfather) left a legacy of about five or six hundred photographs on glassContinue reading “Sharing old photos and reminiscing about yesteryears”

Tree Tips: The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem

The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem Mangrove forests grow world-wide in the subtropics and tropics and are very important to the overall health of the world’s environment.  Unfortunately, like many other biological systems, they are facing a loss crisis from climate change, industrial overdevelopment and increasing aquaculture and are not recognized by many asContinue reading “Tree Tips: The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem”