Some dreams do come true

By Rich Tarrant Every now and then, I dream of those years: Riding my bicycle up down the streets of town with a newspaper bag over my neck filled to the top. It was so long ago. This was a time when newspapers; weeklies and dailies were still a primary source of news. In theContinue reading “Some dreams do come true”

Slow down and enjoy the weather this summer

By Judge Zack Dolyk As summer arrives in Vermilion, I would like to remind you when driving please use patience and follow the posted speed limit signs. Children are biking, skateboarding and walking around town. Many drivers fail to obey the speed limit signs which can result in the issuance of a citation for speeding.Continue reading “Slow down and enjoy the weather this summer”

Take time to visit Vermilion’s “Rubberneck” park

By Rich Tarrant There’s a reason many local folks refer to it as “Rubberneck” Park – and if you look close you can actually see why in this photo. The official name for it is “Exchange Place”. That’s because, a billion [an exaggeration of course] years ago Exchange Street was ostensibly supposed to run toContinue reading “Take time to visit Vermilion’s “Rubberneck” park”

Mayor’s Notes – May 30, 2019

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Last week, our heroic middle school teachers took their students on the annual town walk. They visit the water plant, police department, downtown merchants and…the Mayor’s office among other places. EVERY group asks me the same question, “What is your favorite thing about being mayor?” I always say, “You are.” AndContinue reading “Mayor’s Notes – May 30, 2019”

Mayor’s Notes

By Mayor Jim Forthofer Warmer weather…finally! Don’t you feel better already? Vermilion is getting ready to bloom and our snowbirds are returning. It also means we can get down to the job of making repairs and improvements to our city. All of the above are good for our beautiful town. Ohio Gas Tax and YOU!Continue reading “Mayor’s Notes”

Remembering the Lake Erie Drive-In

By Rich Tarrant Several weeks ago the owner of the Vermilion Martino’s restaurant asked someone if they knew of any pix of the old Lake Erie Drive-In when previous owner (Phil Provenzano of the Philbo House) owned it. As a result the question eventually came to me and…well this is what followed: Well, someone mayContinue reading “Remembering the Lake Erie Drive-In”

The story of Vermilion Fire Department Chief “Dad” Tischer

By Rich Tarrant I have often thought of making a list of persons that in my view were the “Most Influential Vermilionites of the 20th Century”. It’s a novel idea but, in truth, there are so many persons from which to choose the task is practically, and realistically speaking, impossible. For instance, a list mightContinue reading “The story of Vermilion Fire Department Chief “Dad” Tischer”

At a certain age, you don’t know these things

By Rich Tarrant “I live upon a raft of words. / My compass is the wind / And the changing tides of time / My friend.” When I recently came across an article, which appeared in The Vermilion News on July 19, 1917, I became curious about the person who authored it. It is aContinue reading “At a certain age, you don’t know these things”

School Zone

 By Superintendent Philip Pempin This article, titled “Manufacturing is Not Necessarily a Dirty Job and Someone Will Be Paid Well to Do It” is written by Steve Gratz for “Extra Credit”, the official blog of the Ohio Department of Education.  Dr. Gratz is senior executive director of the Center for Student Support and Education Options atContinue reading “School Zone”

As always, parades and time keep marching on

By Rich Tarrant The accompanying photographs are those of an early 20th century parade in good ol’ Vermilion. I believe this one occurred around 1906. While I am unable to be 100% certain it appears that the procession was on Ohio Street just east of Vermilion’s St. Mary’s Catholic church. Among the many interesting thingsContinue reading “As always, parades and time keep marching on”