Eleven students compete at state competition; two will go on to nationals

By: Melanie Williamson VHS teacher Devon Snook was at the School Board Meeting on Monday, March 13, with four of his speech and debate students to talk about their recent success at the state competition. At the state competition, 11 students from Vermilion High School competed against hundreds of other students in multiple categories. SnookContinue reading “Eleven students compete at state competition; two will go on to nationals”

School board recognizes students’ excellence, receives project updates

By: Melanie Williamson National History Day: Sailorway students worked in teams to prepare projects for National History Day. The goal of these projects is for students to learn about a topic in-depth and then be able to share this new found knowledge with others. Each student group chose the topic they wanted to learn aboutContinue reading “School board recognizes students’ excellence, receives project updates”

Sharing old photos and reminiscing about yesteryears

By: Rich Tarrant Recently I wrote about developing glass negatives in what used to be my brother, Al’s, former conventional darkroom. But what I didn’t mention is that the same process can also be used to develop film negatives. While Roscoe (my grandfather) left a legacy of about five or six hundred photographs on glassContinue reading “Sharing old photos and reminiscing about yesteryears”

Tree Tips: The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem

The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem Mangrove forests grow world-wide in the subtropics and tropics and are very important to the overall health of the world’s environment.  Unfortunately, like many other biological systems, they are facing a loss crisis from climate change, industrial overdevelopment and increasing aquaculture and are not recognized by many asContinue reading “Tree Tips: The magnificent mangroves – Earth’s underrated ecosystem”