Slow down and enjoy the weather this summer

By Judge Zack Dolyk

As summer arrives in Vermilion, I would like to remind you when driving please use patience and follow the posted speed limit signs. Children are biking, skateboarding and walking around town.

Many drivers fail to obey the speed limit signs which can result in the issuance of a citation for speeding. Speeding is the most common traffic law violation. According to a 2017 national survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 23.9% of respondents believed that driving 15 mph above the posted speed limit on the freeway is “completely” or “somewhat” acceptable. In the same year 9,717 people died in crashes related to speeding.

In addition to a fine and costs, your insurance premiums could substantially increase. Speeding also is a threat to the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and roadside workers. It goes without saying the faster you are going the more likely to get hurt and do more damage to your car in an accident.

A car traveling 35 mph takes 54 feet longer to stop than one going at 30 mph. It would strike a pedestrian with 36% more force.

Speeding cost you a lot more than just a fine. If you slow down, you will save wear and tear on your car and save gas.

Stay alert when you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. Driving involves constantly processing information about traffic, road conditions and signals. You must quickly make decisions based on that information and then act on it.

The driving population in our country is aging. In 2016, 1 in 5 licensed drivers were 65 and older. Our mature drivers may have more knowledge and experience. However, their cognitive and physical abilities tend to diminish over time. This may reduce their ability to quickly respond to emergency situations.

Missing a few hours of sleep at night can also increase your risk for an accident. Fatigue can happen any time, not only on long distance trips. Some factors that contribute to fatigue are stress, mediations, boredom and sun glare. Sleep related crashes are nearly twice as common among young people who stay up late along with shift workers, persons with sleep disorders and commercial drivers. Some symptoms can include, trouble keeping your eyes open and drifting from your lane. It is recommended you avoid heavy foods and medications that cause drowsiness. On a long trip, schedule a break every few hours.

Stay alert, obey speed limit signs and take your time. This will insure you arrive at your destination safely.


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