Friends of Harbourtown 1837 line Liberty Avenue with flags

By Melanie Williamson

Friends of Harbourtown 1837 under the leadership of “Flag Chairperson” Charl Gabel has completed their mission of placing United States flags along Liberty Avenue from the downtown area to Overlook Drive. This project was completed in two phases with the help of many generous donors.

The first phase of the project covered Liberty Avenue from the Vermilion Police Station on the West end of town, to the bridge at McGarvey’s Landing. The second phase continued east to Overlook Drive at Vermilion On The Lake. The third phase will continue to the City limits near Baumhart Road.

No City funds have been used in regard to this project, everything has been done through monies collected and volunteer efforts. The Flags and poles purchased through local company, Harbortown Flag, were assembled by Vermilion Cub Scout Troop 412 under the Leadership of Terry and Molly Anders and, the initial flags (60) were put out by Harbourtown member Paul Habermehl, Cliff German, Brian Myarski and Ryan Dewitt.

By all accounts this is a large, very worthwhile project and Char thanks everyone for their continued support of this project. Special mention must go to Mayor Jim Forthofer along with Tony Velarious for their support regarding this project. “The flags look wonderful and the people in this town are tremendous when it comes to stepping up for a worthwhile cause” says Flag Chairperson Charl Gabel.

The project has currently raised over $5,000. $8,000 will be needed to complete all three phases. To donate to this cause, donate online or send or drop off your Friends of Harbour Town donation to Charl Gabel at the Encore Shoppe at 5487 Liberty Avenue in downtown Vermilion. Make checks payable to Friends of Harbour Town. If you see a flag that has fallen or is damaged, please contact Charl Gabel at 440-320-7184.



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