Pavilion Food Truck becomes first to be approved under new legislation


At the Wednesday, April 10, Vermilion Municipal Planning Commission meeting, the board reviewed the conditional use permit requested by Tim Pence of Pence Lake Erie Lanes for a mobile food unit. Jeremy Crawford and Joe Jesko co-owners of the “The Pavilion Food Truck” were present to represent Tim Pence who applied for a conditional use on a Mobile Food Unit.

Board member Heather Shirley stated understands this Mobile Food Unit will be located on a property on an existing business. She said there is a checklist of items they are required to meet to receive conditional use approval. She asked what the food truck is manufactured of, and Crawford responded the structure is made of steel.

Shirley asked if restroom use is inside the existing business and it was confirmed by the co-owners. She also asked if there were any concerns from either of the neighboring businesses when they operated before. Crawford responded that there were no problems that they were aware of and they worked with Tim Pence in alleviating some of his food business as he has been focusing and investing a lot on the bowling end of things (computer systems and new lanes). They were able to help him out with the additional food production, and a lot of his customers have utilized them.

He added that Pence still has a bar menu within his liquor license. He said they run some specials together. He said they are happy to work next to Jim’s Pizza Box, and they have talked with the owner. Jesko said parking is not an issue as it’s a big lot, and this isn’t an issue with neighboring businesses. Crawford stated there is enough parking for their business and the bowling alley.

Board member Jim Chapple asked what percentage of their business goes into the bowling alley. Jesko responded around 20% to 30%. Crawford added their customers can take their food into the bowling alley, but they’re not going in the bowling alley with a server or anything like that. Jesko said they also encourage their customers to go into the bowling alley as well.

Shirley asked where the handicap parking spaces were in relation to where they will locate the food truck. Crawford said it is on the side of the parking lot; next to the main entrance which is at least 10 feet away.


Crawford informed the commission that they had their fire inspection performed the night before and they were approved. The only issue they had pertained to signage of “No Smoking” signs which needed to be located on the trailer and outside of the trailer in the proximity of 10 ft. from the propane tanks. Since then, both signs have been hung. Shirley asked if they received their inspection from the Erie County Health Department and Crawford responded it was done as well.

After more discussion, the members of the planning commission that were present at the meeting voted and approved the permit for the Pavilion Food Truck making it the first food truck to be approved for business under the new city food truck ordinance.


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