Port Authority looks at events, budget, and needed repairs for 2019

The Vermilion Port Authority met for their first regular meeting of the 2019 season on Monday, February 4, at the South Street Boat Ramp Office. Port Operations Manager Bill Yancar entertained a motion for a Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2019. In response to that, Terry Somers nominated Randy Strauss as Chairman and Dr. Dave Miklos as Vice Chairman. Despite a suggested by Brian Carrick to table the vote until the following meeting, the board voted, and the motion was carried.

Port events

Kayak Event Coordinator of the Vermilion Port Authority Mary Hoholski reported that the Paddle Fest Poker Run will be held on June 16, 2019. Launch time begins at 9:00 am and 9:30 am and sign in starts at 8:30am. They modified the waiver this year to switch the times for launching into two different times so everyone doesn’t show up all at once. This event will not interfere with the Crazy Craft event, which is on Saturday.

She had a form letter which requests donations for the Paddle Fest Poker Run and shared they would like to make up a shirt logo which could include the compass with the paddle design. She asked if the port members would prefer putting the Vermilion Port Authority or the City of Vermilion on the logo. Port member Randy Strauss didn’t have a problem with putting the Vermilion Port Authority on the logo which includes Paddle Fest Poker Run on it. They didn’t put the year on the logo, so it can be used year after year. She stated she will bring the logo back to the members once it has been designed.

She also talked about a Vermilion River Fun Paddle event they would like to hold on the Port Appreciation Day on August 18. Following her presentation, the port members voted and approved support for the Paddle Fest Poker Run and the Vermilion River Fun Paddle.

Hoholski shared that she and Bill Yancar met with Caitlin MacBride on a fundraising event to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that would bring in a lot of publicity to the city. Yancar said it would require some manhours and there would be a modest expense. Dates of interest were September 7 or the September 21. She would like to have a small relay race with the potential route starting at the dock area and they would go around the railroad bridge and come back. This isn’t set in stone at this time. Hoholski stated she will bring additional information to the board later.


Yancar provided the port members with the November 2018 Statement of Cash from Revenue and Expense and reported that the beginning balance in Fund 214 “Vermilion Port Authority Special Revenue” was $7,721.07. The net revenue year to date was $187,983.26. At the end of November, the year to date encumbrance was $8,639.22, leaving an ending balance of $37,953.52. The year-end revenue jumped to $191,400.88, which makes the ending balance around $41,000. Port member Miklos asked if they will be in the black, and Yancar responded that there is nothing unusual, so he is thinking they will start out at around $13,000.


Port operations report

Yancar provided the board with his activity report as of Monday, February 4. He noted that all items are active projects. They have repairs that were approved in the 2019 budget. He said the first of the repairs will be done at Exchange as both docks need work and they must assure access for their lease customers by May 1, 2019. Port member Brian Carrick said that the floats should be under warranty, so they should talk to the flotation guy.

Secondly, they will work on Water Works Marina because it’s a simple repair. Also, a courtesy dock pedestal needs repaired at the South Street Ramp, which needs done immediately for safety. Carrick asked if the ones at McGarvey’s are powered at this time and Yancar responded no.

Yancar shared it was his position that they should start these repairs as soon as the weather changes. Port member Peter Corogin asked when they started the first payroll last year and Yancar said it was mid-April. Yancar added they have a little bit of time at Water Works for repairs due to no major issues until June. He said they increased the labor budget because they knew they had repairs, so they have $67,100 in the budget for labor.


The port members reviewed correspondence they received from the finance director who requested amendment of the port’s budget for 2019 to include the establishment of a contingency of at least $16,000 per year. He said Council will approve $195,000 in the Port Authority’s budget for 2019. Corogin asked how she got to the $195,000, and Yancar said the finance director is anticipating that the revenue projection should cover $195,000. He said they have changed the requisition process where they are entered in quarterly and are closed by the end of the quarter. He noted the finance director can change the budget based on what she sees in the revenue stream.

Corogin said he is against starting before April 15. Carrick said they can always decide at the March meeting. Strauss said there needs to be a list of items that must be done and how many manhours they need to get them done. Yancar said they already approved the money for these repairs. Yancar went on to say he would also like to give all the restrooms a fresh coat of paint prior to opening. He said he doesn’t know how extensive the dock repairs will be, so he would like to get ahead of things.

Strauss said if the money is in the budget and they start a couple weeks early than how would it be hurting them, especially if the repairs need to be done either way. Carrick said they just need to make sure manhours don’t eat up their budget. Yancar assured the port members that he would keep an eye on the manhours. After more discussion, the port members agreed in giving Yancar the go ahead on starting these repairs.

Strauss brought up the fact that in November 2018 they made a motion to increase transient dockage at Waterworks and McGarvey’s in 2019 and asked for an update. Yancar said they are raising dock rates to $2.00 for overnighters, but some other marinas in their off days have reduced rates at $1.50 a ft. He wanted to get the boards feelings on this. Port member Terry Sommer said he was a no on giving discounts.


Restroom project

Strauss provided an ADA Restroom Addition Proposal for the Vermilion Port Authority for the restroom addition to the existing facility located at 777 West River Road. Corogin said there are grant opportunities the port can utilize for this project. The grant deadlines are February 1 and August 1. The proposal came in at $30,927, and they applied for $10,000 from the Whiteman Weber Foundation and Eileen Bulan will apply for another grant. He noted the port must put forth something, and he thought maybe they could find some money through donations.

Strauss reviewed the proposal in depth and reviewed another proposal for the Vermilion Port Authority for the shower and restrooms at the Waterworks Docks in the amount of $1,350 for the existing shower and baths behind the Water Department to grind the concrete floor and apply two coats of epoxy on floor. He said they need to do this work before the people start using those restrooms. Corogin asked if there was money in the budget to work with, and Yancar responded that it depends on the long dock repairs.


Next meeting

The next Port Authority meeting will be Thursday, March 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the ramp office, 777 West River Road.








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