Port discusses end of year finances and possibility of an ADA restroom

The Vermilion Port authority met on Thursday, October 11, for a regular monthly meeting. All members were in attendance as well as port operations manager Bill Yancar and city council representative Frank Loucka.

The port authority received correspondence from a Gary Pildner of Rocky River complimenting them on the installation of the kayak launching facility. He stated that he wished there were more facilities like it around Northeast Ohio. Peter Corogin responded to Pildner in writing to thank him for his feedback.

Financial update

Yancar reported that as of the meeting they had not yet closed the month of September, but it would be finished shortly. Despite that, he reported that the port was likely to end up with approximately $172,000 in revenue with an ending balance of between $28,000 and $30,000 in addition to that, excluding expenses. The 411 account should end up with roughly $3,000.

Pursuant to the Deposit Recap Sheet, Yancar noted this month’s deposits which include all marinas and events, miscellaneous revenue and Sandusky Bay rent, contributed another $26,205.81 bringing the total year-to-date to $150,740.14. The official gross revenues for the Duck Dash totaled $11,018 and the parking totaled $1,121.

The monthly recap of lease deposits year-to-date totaled $21,290.  Yancar sent out the Clarion leases on September 21 and they are due back by October 31. He will enforce the fact that half the payment is due this year.  He is anticipating $10,000 in revenue if they get half paid up front.  The balance is due by May 1, 2019.  Street end leases go out for collection in January/February.   Year-to-date revenue as of October 1, 2018, including lease payments of $21,290 and ‘all other’ of $150,740.14 total $172,030.14.  The current budget with the city is $181,000 and the Port proposed budget was $187,000.

Yancar reported on the following dock revenue for 2018 compared to three-year averages and last year’s revenue for the following: Water Works Marina dock revenue year to date totals $46,127.05. With a three-year average of $47,953.31, they are down 3.81%. The McGarvey’s Landing dock revenue year to date totals $16,394.50.  With a three-year average of $19,403.67, they are down about 15.51%. The South Street Launch Ramp dock total revenue year to date is $29,771.00. With a three-year average of $25,598.67, they are up 16.30%.  They are down for all three locations about $2,600 or 3%.

Port Operations Report

Yancar reported he has been updating the revenue side of the budget and is getting good indication that the lessees will be coming back next year.  Sommer asked when the last time the port has proposed an increase and Yancar said they have never done an increase.  Sommer responded that this is the only way they are going to get revenue.

Yancar noted the lessee at Exchange asked if the port would allow him to extend the dock by 10’ to make it more accessible and convenient. Essentially, he was told he couldn’t do this because it goes with the property line.  However, he received the property line from the city and it looks as though if they moved the dock over by 2’ then they could extend it by 10’.  The boat is still the same length, so it won’t encroach into the channel. If they find out they can do this, then he will put together a proposal.  Further discussion ensued and Yancar was directed by Corogin to do his homework on this matter to see if they can enhance this dock and to determine the costs involved, so they can review it at the November meeting.

ADA Restroom

Yancar said he talked with DiFucci and he should be passing on all their results tomorrow which includes the issue of it being in a floodplain and anything the city has from a building department standpoint.  Corogin said they need to rule out whether it would be practical to add on to the existing restroom.  Carrick said he spoke with DiFucci and Howard in the spring and it didn’t seem like an issue.

Corogin said Eileen Bulan has agreed to help the port authority look for grants.  There could be a smaller grant through the Erie County Community Foundation, which they could get possibly if they want to add onto the existing restroom at the ramp location.  They will look at bigger dollars if they look at doing something at Water Works.  He said the purpose of this exercise is to start gathering information on restrooms costs and grants. Yancar noted he had positive feedback of having the handicap Porta John at the ramp.

In conclusion, Corogin said they need to determine funding and a site for a restroom.  He feels they will have some money to work with next year as they will be eliminating a financial obligation. He said ODNR grants usually have a matching component and he thought they could convince somebody in Erie County to help them.

Corogin scheduled an unofficial onsite gathering at the Water Works restroom on Saturday, October 13 at 1:00pm with those port members who were able to meet to ponder a possible layout, a wish list, and to eventually look at funding methods to support a restroom project.

Future Meeting

The next port authority meeting with be Thursday, November 8, at 6:30 p.m. at the ramp office, 777 West River Road.


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