VHS yearbook staff launches district-wide shoe drive to help those in need

The Vermilion High School Yearbook Staff is running their second shoe collection drive until Wednesday, December 19th. The Yearbook Staff’s first ever shoe drive kicked off three years ago and had great success with the help of many community partners. “Now that people’s closets have had time to fill up again” says Yearbook adviser Ann Zgodinski, “it’s time for another drive.”

The shoe drive sponsor, Funds2Orgs, will purchase all of the shoes collected by the yearbook staff and distribute them throughout its network of micro-enterprise partners in developing nations. Funds2Orgs helps micro-entrepreneurs around the world to create, maintain, and grow small businesses in countries where economic opportunity and jobs are limited. Proceeds from the sales of the shoes collected in shoe drive fundraisers are used to feed, clothe, and house the families of the small business owners.

“Many people have extra shoes in their closets that they don’t want or wear anymore,” says Senior Shelby Whitman. “Donating your unwanted, used or new shoes will help those less fortunate become self-sufficient.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

All shoes are acceptable to be donated, used or new. Any size, including children’s sizes, and any type of shoe: boots, sneakers, crocs, heels, sandals, dress shoes, even cleats and roller skates! Anyone can help by donating used or new shoes to the Main Offices of Vermilion High School, Sailorway Middle School, and Vermilion Elementary School. Donations are also being accepted at Ritter Public Library.

Give your shoes a second chance and make a difference in people’s lives. Donate today! If you have any questions, please email the VHS Yearbook adviser Ann Zgodinski at vhsyearbook@sailornet.org. Thank you for your help!


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