Vermilion Township trustees discuss employee health insurance options

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, October 17, for a regular meeting. The following is from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Road foreman Steve Young reported that the heaters are hooked up in the old building; propane tank has been moved; new building is progressing nicely; battery box has been ordered for the old dump truck; and leaf machine has been serviced.

Building official and zoning administrator Robert Kurtz reported that the new building is coming along fine.  One problem did occur with the bolt patterns (anchor bolts) and the steel on a few of the steel posts were wrong, but the engineer made recommendations to correct the problem.  The skeleton of the building is now up.  He is waiting on prices to replace roof on township garage building.

Kurtz gave update on propane.  Ferrellgas was going to charge the township to pump what was left in the tank.  Now that the gas line has been run, the propane will be used up in the tank and Ferrellgas will then be called to pick up their tank.  The township will then switch over to Beck Suppliers for their fuel service needs.

Regarding tree removal on Barnes Road, Dave from Quality One Tree Service will be inspecting the area and give the township a quote.  Kurtz added there were a few trees on South Frailey that need to be inspected as well.  It was noted the highway department was asked but did not appear interested in aiding in the tree removal.

From fire chief Frank Triana’s report, between October 1 and October 16, the department responded to 21 EMS assists, two residential alarms, one public assist, one open burn, and two car accidents. Pump testing is complete.  Verbal report stated there were no issues, all trucks passed.  Waiting on written report from Finley Fire Equipment.

The firefighters would like to thank Girl Scout Troop 50780 for the Station Tour on October 8th.  Also, thanks to Cub Scout Troop 412 for touring the fire station on October 16th.  Both groups were able to see the equipment, ask many questions and had a real good time.  A big “Thank You” to the Firefighters who donated their time and talent for these two groups.  On November 5th, three preschool classes from the Vermilion Local School District were also given a station tour.

The Firefighters Association and Fire Department are purchasing 10 EMS Parka’s for inclement weather operations.  These will be of various sizes.  The Fire Department will split the cost with the Association.  The total cost is approximately $2,860.00 or $1,430.00 from each.

Trustee Decker recommended talking to the township’s insurance company regarding open enrollment for employee health insurance and stated another option might be to offer Health Savings Accounts.  Trustee Decker discussed the two options Traditional versus Health Savings Accounts (HSA). In the HSA’s the premium is lower, but the deductible is higher versus the Traditional insurance consisting of higher premiums with lower deductibles.

Kurtz stated Mrs. Zsebik, Fiscal Officer, had already been working with the state agencies that the township deals with and is shopping prices for employee health insurance.  Trustee Trinter recommended contacting Brian Savage, insurance agent, who was previously employed with the Ohio Insurance Agency to also give the township a quote.  Trustee Dickel stated the Fiscal Officer has been in contact with Mr. Savage and is checking with other agents as well.  Steve Young, Road Department asked if the employees will be given an option to go with the traditional rather than the health savings account.  Trustee Decker answered yes, that’s how the county does it where he has insurance through.  The employee can choose which plan they would like.

Young asked if the employee chooses an HSA, does the township put any money towards it.  Trustee Decker stated that would be something the township’s insurance company would have to talk to the Board about.  Mr. Young asked if the township associations could get together and go in with the county regarding insurance.  Trustee Dickel answered that was tried years ago, but the county would not agree.  Mr. Dickel added the amount of money being paid as a premium did not show any savings anyways.

Trustee Dickel stated Brownhelm Township was having a new roof being put on their building and he would follow-up with their contractor and obtain a quote for Vermilion Township.  Trustee Trinter added that another option may be to contact Burkholder’s Construction in Ashland, Ohio to obtain a quote for the roof, as well.



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