Hartung, Holmes accepted to law enforcement executive leadership program

By Candace Barczyk

Vermilion Police Chief Chris Hartung and Sgt. Scott Holmes have both been accepted to participate in the Certified Law Enforcement Executives (CLEE). The executive leadership program runs Dec. 7, 2018 to Feb. 7, 2020, and covers such topics as management, interpersonal skills, human resources, ethics, strategic planning, risk management, and police resources and budgeting. “It’s important to have continuing education in this type of work,” said Chief Hartung. “I want to see our leadership and management develop. We are going to have five senior officers retire in the future, and this helps in developing the younger guys. We need to stay on top of these things.”

To be accepted into CLEE, Chief Hartung said it is based on a career index points system that includes how long one has been in law enforcement, degree status, how long one has been involved in policy making, civic points, etc. Hartung stated he got in based on his position and points. He said Sgt. Holmes was initially number five on the list but moved up to be part of this twenty-fourth class. “Usually, something like this, with the tuition, lodging, food is expensive, but as of now, the Ohio Department of Public Safety is going to pay the funds for everything. The opportunity is ripe right now for us to be a part of this.”

Hartung added that after being at any job for a while, “it is easy to become complacent and stagnant. You say to yourself, ‘Yeah, I know how to do that.’ We have to make sure that we are staying relevant and current. It’s a nice refresher.” One of Hartung’s focus areas is risk management. “A big thing now is cops getting sued. You find out the areas, what is being done, and come back and share that.”

The chief said there are three major law enforcement schools around the country, all of which have a fantastic curriculum, but all which require a lot of time. Although CLEE spans 14 months, Hartung said the time involved is minimal. “I’m only there seven days. You get to research your own agency.”

CLEE will also provide leadership education with two different perspectives. “It’s entirely two different schools for me and Scott. For him, this will be the first time he has seen some of this. For me, I’ve already been through it. For example, as far as risk management, for Scott, it will be brand-spanking new.”

In being a part of CLEE, Hartung said the department may adjust or make policy changes based on what has happened out in the field. Only 30 students per class are accepted. “This allows you to take what you know and to keep advancing.”



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