New Vermilion Township building is going up on Stanley Road this month

By Candace Barczyk

The Vermilion Township Garage on Stanley Road is in the process of getting a facelift, and much of the Oct. 3 Vermilion Township Board of Trustees centered around costs associated with the new building, the framing for which was set to go up beginning on Monday, Oct. 8. Township Administrator Robert Kurtz said residents will begin to see the new building go up this week, as Star Builders had to wait for the concrete base to cure first.

Kurtz stated during the meeting that when Star was digging for the base, they hit several soft spots and water, and the backfill was spongy. Total costs for the change order to fix the area was $8,539.00, which trustees voted to pay. Discussion also ensued about putting in a gas line. Kurtz said the line to the old building needed to be replaced, and a new line needed to be put in to the new building. Trustee Charles Trinter asked if the township crew could put in the new line. Trustee Ron Dickel said he would see what is legal before having township employees put in the new line. Kurtz also reported about the price of propane, saying he thought the township could save money. He said in comparing prices, Kurtz reported that Beck Oil had the cheapest prices at $1.40 per gallon. Kurtz said he also reached out to Farrell and Sunrise. He said Beck will do the first fill at $1.40 per gallon and will set the tank at no cost. The township would receive a $100 credit for signing up. Trustees approved moving their propane services to Beck Oil.

Kurtz also reported Star gave a price for the roof on the existing old building, metal roof. For the roof, insulation, pointing and associated costs, Star gave a price of $31,701. “That seems a little high to me, but I have nothing to compare it to,” said Kurtz. “I am reaching out to other people and getting some other estimates.”

In other items, Kurtz reported that for the month of September, the township zoning office issued 8 permits, two addresses, and collected $1,236.20 in income. The building department issued 13 building permits for a value of $629,045 in construction, and $3,870 in total income collected.

Kurtz said with the misuse of township recycling and cardboard carts by residents, the township in general is generating a lot of garbage. He said the township is paying Republic $63 per month plus fuel recovery costs for garbage. He said Cyclone is offering $41.27 per month for a one-yard dumpster, which is equal to three carts, and it is on wheels. It would be dumped every week. Trustee Charles Trinter asked if the township has a contract with Republic, to which Kurtz said no, and added al, township garbage can be moved to the one container. Trustees approved the move to Cyclone.


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