Port authority reviews finances and discusses upgraded security options

The Vermilion Port Authority met for a regular meeting on Thursday, September 13.

Financial Review

Port Operations Manager Bill Yancar provided two statements of cash from revenue and expense for July and August to the port members.  They have an ending balance as of July in the amount of $34,302.68 and the net revenue year to date is $119,467.47, and the net expenses are $82,531.03.

The 411-capital account has no net revenue and the net expenses are $11,347.63, which include repairs to Water Works Marina, the kayak facility, new radios, etc.  At the end of July, they show a deficit of $239.62.  In August, the net revenue year to date is $143,164.73 and the net expenses are $109,760.93, leaving an ending balance of $34,663.41.

The Port Authority Capital Fund net revenue year to date is $2,406 with an ending balance of $1,914.40.  He noted he made two deposits into fund 411 from duck dash revenue.  The 411 fund should end up with around $3,000 by year end. Yancar also shared that the Police Department gave the port authority $500 to go to barge repairs.

Pursuant to the Deposit Recap Sheet, Yancar noted that $136,676.89 was generated from all transient docks, including the Sandusky Bay rent and event money. The Monthly Recap of Lease Deposits spreadsheet shows total lease revenue of $21,290.00 and all other revenue totaled $136,676.89, leaving a grand total revenue of $157,966.89.

Yancar also reported that dock revenue is down based on three-year averages. Water Works Marina dock revenue year to date totals $39,250.05, which is down 7.56% according to the three-year average. The McGarvey’s Landing dock revenue year to date totals $16,461.33, which is down about 19.91% according to the three-year average. The South Street Launch Ramp dock revenue year to date is $26,719.00, which is up 20.70 percent.  Yancar said they haven’t heard anything about Charter boats coming into town.



Yancar said he knows they are not anxious to put signs everywhere, but they are experiencing multiple kayakers and boarders launching at Water Works and McGarvey’s Landing and it seems the word is out that it’s acceptable to do this.  Although they are not fans of signage, they may want to consider putting something up as a deterrent.  He said the kayakers are taking up all the parking spaces at Water Works.  He said there is room on one post to put up a sign.  Miklos asked if they are trying to avoid the $3.00 fee and Yancar said yes, and they have sent them down to the beach to launch as this is acceptable.

Yancar said as a wish list item he would like to see them investigate a Kayak/Canoe storage for their season kayakers who may want to rent a space.  R. Strauss asked if people would rent space for a storage rack.  Board member Brian Carrick asked how the insurance would work on a storage rack for kayaks/canoes.  Board member Peter Corogin asked if somebody asked for a storage rack and  Yancar said he did have inquiries.  Corogin asked him to research this.



Yancar said he and Corogin visited Power Boats to see what security system they have, so they could use that as a blue print since they aren’t happy with what the city offered.  He said Power Boats has 19 cameras located throughout their facility which they don’t feel is enough.  To expand, they need to have additional cameras.  Their cameras are all hard-wired and they have two separate systems and there are pros and cons with their systems.  Functionality seems technical because they haven’t figured out how to print a picture of anything; their system came with no training manuals.  Their resolution isn’t very good.  He said the Port’s camera is better than what they have, except when it comes to the zoom capabilities.  Carrick said this might come down to the software and not necessarily the camera per se.  Corogin said their system is a stand-alone system and the new system is integrated with their internet, so they have had some slow down.  They have limited the number of cameras they monitor for the members that are involved.

In conclusion, they know it will be expensive especially getting down to Water Works.  Yancar said maybe they can sit down with the supplier to tell them what they would like. Miklos said it seems to him that they can piggy back a camera back to South Street because the city is now wired.  Corogin said they should put a sketch together of every area and design of what they want to have for all the areas, then they can talk with the mayor on what they need to see if they can get into the existing system, but they need cameras that work better for them.

Yancar likes the idea of mapping out a plan so they know what they need.  Miklos asked if they could go back to the camera manufacturer for training especially if this is a software issue.  Yancar said he would see if this is something they can do.  Corogin recommended Yancar laying out what they need and take it to the Mayor for further suggestions, and to see if they can get additional training so they don’t go through another season without proper camera footage.




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