Vermilion Township trustees have a busy month making important decisions

At the Wednesday, August 15, regular meeting of the Vermilion Township trustees, building official/zoning administrator Robert Kurtz reported that the reached out to the Department of Agriculture concerning resident concerns about the Gypsy Moth problem. They set up an educational meeting for August 21 open to the public to teach residents how they can protect their property

The desire for a traffic light at the corner of Kneisel Road and State Route 60 was again brought up by a resident in a letter to the editor. Kurtz addressed the letter reiterating that the township has no control over that issue and it would be up to the Ohio Department of Transportation. As the area grows, the township will perform their due diligence in requesting a new traffic study, but currently, there is not enough traffic to warrant a light.

During this meeting, Kurtz also made the recommendation that the board start considering annual maintenance on the township’s generator. He attained two quotes: PowerOn Generatos LLC in Avon Lake at a cost of $212.07 per year and RKS Power Solutions in Norwalk at a cost of $300 per year.

The trustees discussed drawing up a contract with Brownhelm Township regarding sharing the Durapatcher. They decided to seek guidance from the Erie County Prosecutors Office on the contract.

Representative Steve Arndt in the Ohio House of Representatives, 89th House District attended the Wednesday, September 5, township board meeting to update the trustees on House Bill 500, House Bill 454, and House Bill 415, which are all currently in the Senate. Arndt asked the trustees to communicate their support or these bills to the Senate or Transportation Committee members.

Kurtz updated the board on the new township building construction stating that the steel was scheduled to be delivered in the next two weeks and all the underground work and concrete floors would be done before it arrived. He also shared that the bermer was working great proving it was a good investment.

Kurtz also shared that he received information from the ODOT Salt Contract. For the upcoming winter season, the only company that bid on District 3 was Morton Salt.  The price this year is $65.61 per ton (delivered) which is significantly higher compared to last year’s price of $37.92 per ton.  In comparison, the Erie County Engineer’s Office always bids on their own and their price is $77.28.

Mr. Kurtz along with Erie County Auditor’s Office committee has been evaluating different software programs for zoning and building.  Currently, the software program being used is called ZonePro which will cease to exist by the first of the year.  ZonePro was bought out by another company called iWorQ.  Mr. Kurtz discussed the three software programs that have been looked at including Sidwell at a total cost of $37,600.00 for program, plus an annual maintenance cost of $2,400.00; BS&A at a total cost of $39,155.00 for program, plus $2,050.00 annual service fee; and iWorQ with a free program and an annual maintenance fee of $2,245.00.  The county committee decided iWorq would be the company to go with.  The Board can review information and any questions can be directed to Mr. Kurtz.

Most recently at the Wednesday, September 19, township meeting, Steve Young, Road Foreman, reported on the following:  There are a couple of dead trees that need to be taken down by the underpass on Barnes Road.  Mr. Kurtz will follow-up and get estimates for tree removal and asked road crew to mark the trees that need to be removed on Barnes Road; Fall Clean-up – approximately 350 tires were collected. Trustee Trinter asked about the progress on the new building and discussed keeping an eye on the new construction and communicating any needs or questions to the administrator or board.   Trustee Dickel stated he talked with Dan Frederick, Architect, and that he could be contacted if any problems need to be addressed.

Following up on the idea of annual generator maintenance, Kurtz asked the board for a resolution to enter into an agreement to have RKS Power Solutions from Norwalk, Ohio perform yearly maintenance on the township’s generator at a cost of $300.00 per year (includes all parts/labor and a free battery every fourth year).  The board passed a motion to enter into the contract.

Since the trustees had the opportunity to review the software options, Kurtz asked the board for a resolution to enter into an agreement with iWorQ for Zoning and Building Software Maintenance at a cost of $2,245.00 per year. The board agreed and passed the motion.

Trustee Dickel talked to Ken Fortney, Erie County Drainage Manager, on Monday regarding the crossover on Barnes Road where it always floods just south of the railroad tracks.  All plans have been drawn up to install a 4-foot (wide) by 3-foot (deep) box culvert by the end of October.

Trustee Dickel brought up striping the roads for discussion.  The Board suggested following up with the Erie County Engineering Department.  Trustee Decker recommended that Erie Blacktop be contacted, as well, since the striping should be included in the bid bond and the township was not responsible for the surface not sticking.  Trustee Dickel will follow-up with Erie Blacktop and Jack Farschman, P.E. from Erie County regarding the striping of township roads.

Kurtz informed the Board it was time to discuss which company to contract with for purchasing propane.  Currently, the township is contracted with Ferrellgas at a fixed price of 1.759 per gallon.  Mr. Kurtz stated the line from the tank to the old building will need to be replaced and a new line will need to be ran from the tank to the new building.  The charge for a service call will be $75.00 and $3.00 per foot for a copper line or $1.50 per foot for a polyethylene line plus $50.00 per foot for riser.  The next quote is from Sunrise at $1.599 per gallon locked in for two (2) years.  This includes tank set and pressure check.  Mr. Kurtz is waiting to hear back from them regarding if the price includes installing the new lines.  The benefits from contracting with Sunrise include the price is $0.16 cheaper per gallon and the new lines may be installed at their fee versus Ferrellgas.  Currently, there is twenty-five percent propane left in the Ferrellgas tank which would be lost if the township chooses to contract with Sunrise.  Trustee Trinter recommending also getting a price from Beck Suppliers.  The size of the tank needed was also discussed.  This will be tabled until next meeting.


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