Brownhelm Township trustees discuss a variety of expenses and violations

The Brownhelm Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Monday, August 6, and the following are from the official minutes from the meeting. Their August meeting consisted of several motions being passed and spending being approved on a variety of projects.

John Schmalz, zoning inspector, submitted four permits.  He has picked up several signs along the entrance/exit ramps at Baumhart and Route 2 and called the people to notify them that their signs could be retrieved at the township hall.

The Zoning Commission met on July 26, 2018 to discuss shipping containers as storage units, fencing, temporary signs, private swimming pools, and other items brought forward. There is a court date of September 25, 2018 at 2 p.m. in Vermilion Municipal Court for Lorain County Auto for their signage issues.

A letter had been sent to the Denney household on Claus Rd about unlicensed vehicles and there has been no response. Schmalz will be sending a letter to a Portman Rd residence and a Meyers Lane residence about junk vehicles.  A letter was returned that was sent to a Portman Rd residence about tall grass; Assistant Prosecutor will be contacted to find out the exact steps in having this property mowed and assessment added to tax bill.

Scott Schmalz checked into an upgraded security camera system to capture license plate numbers.  The current four-camera system would go to an eight-camera system at a cost of $3,166 plus $75/hour for labor.  Trustees Leimbach & Northeim did not see the need to incur this expense at this time; Nieding felt the township needed this enhanced capability.

The trustees voted to approve spending $2,000 to change the plow hook up o the dump truck, and $1,838.24 to restripe roads. They voted to put the old township wood chip up for sale pending approval from the prosecutor’s office.

Bill Votruba from BVC Erosion Control shared with the board that he is working on the base at the Lake Front Park and will then create a slope with wide long steps leading down the hillside. All of the work is being done as a donation to the township, which was approved by the trustees during the meeting. After questions by a resident, the trustees stated they will make some calls to determine if it will be ADA accessible.

Trustee Nieding introduced William Thornton of Thornton Acoustics & Vibrations who is a mechanical engineer specializing in acoustics, vibrations, and noise control.   Mr. Thornton will have a proposal for the township within the next few weeks.  He thought he would recommend 3 monitors that would run 24/7 to monitor noise levels around the NOTTC facility at a cost of $3800 to $3900 to the township.

The trustees approved Jim Northeim to prepare and submit an application for the OPWA project Round 33 for Linda Drive Reconstruction Phase 1. Under the proposal, the OPWC grant would be for $71,272, and Brownhelm Township would pay the remaining $25,156 for the project.


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