Watch for new traffic pattern

By Melanie Williamson


City service director Tony Valerius stated at the Money, September 10, city council meeting that he wanted to make residents aware of a change in the traffic pattern at Sunnyside Road and Brownhelm Station Road on the north side of the train tracks.  The stop sign on Sunnyside Road has been removed and placed on Brownhelm Station where it curves into Sunnyside. This change was decided after ODOT asked the city to look into the issue.


Valerius shared that there are signs posted warning of a new traffic pattern, and flags have been mounted on top of the stop signs to draw attention to them. He said the additional signs will be removed after two weeks. Council-at-large Monica Stark asked if the signs could be left up longer than two weeks since many residents may not travel Sunnyside on a daily basis. Valerius responded that would not be a problem.


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