Traffic light project is finalized

By Melanie Williamson


City service director Tony Valerius shared at the Monday, September 10, city council meeting that the employee training on the new traffic lights was completed two weeks ago, which means the traffic light project is complete. Members from both the street department and the police department took part in the training. Valerius went on to state that they increased the maximum green light time on Main Street by 12 seconds, which resulted in a 12 second decreased green light time on Liberty, which will allow less wait times on Main Street.


Valerius also explained that they were going to have a 5 second delay between Sandusky and West River lights in order to clear the small area in front of the store, but when the change was made the programmer quickly realized that the change exposed a conflict with the left turn light. As a result of this discovery, the delay was eliminated.


It was concluded that the system meets ODOT specifications, and although drivers may have to wait a little longer on the side streets, once on Liberty Avenue, drivers won’t have to stop for unnecessary red lights anymore.


“Watch for pedestrians in crosswalk” signs have been installed, which Valerius stated allows the department to open the pedestrian crossing at Liberty Avenue and West River.


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