Winter sports, supplemental contracts awarded

By Candace Barczyk

Winter sports and miscellaneous supplemental contracts were among the items Vermilion Board of Education members approved at their Monday, Sept. 10 meeting.  The board approved contracts for the following: Matthew Pisano, SMS 8th Grade Head Basketball Coach; Brandon Gilbert, VHS Head Wrestling Coach; Michael D’Egidio, SMS Head Wrestling Coach; Jacob Baker, VHS Assistant Ski Club Advisor; Rebecca Jessen, Dual Enrollment Coursework.

Other contracts were awarded to: Nicholas Prihoda, Percussion Instructor; Adriana Ramirez, Winter Guard Director; Brian Szabo, SMS 8th Grade Boys Football Coach; Douglas Mihalic, VHS Assistant Boys Basketball Coach; Yvonne Craigo, VHS Girls Basketball Head Coach; Luke Harris, VHS Girls Assistant Basketball Coach; Skip Davis, VHS Assistant Girls Basketball Coach; Michael Virgin, 7th Grade Boys Head Basketball Coach; Hannah Bartlome, 7th Grade Girls Head Basketball Coach.

Classified (food services and custodial) substitute contracts were awarded to: Kelly Clapham, Donna VanDress, Tracy Lukes, Peter Westropp, Theodore Jarrett, Elaine Prince, Melody Spence, James Bourisseau, Carol Tkach, Tonya Camera, Ashley Knox, Craig Snyder, and William Stark,

One-year classified contracts were awarded to: Tracy Dawson, educational aide; Amanda Gratz, bus driver, SMS monitor; Wendy Belchak, custodian field house.

One-year limited contracts for the position of student worker in the Work Experience and Career Exploration Program were awarded to: Emily Funk, John McDougal, Cadence Brink, and Hanna Hardie.

Maternity leaves of absence were approved for: Kendra Snook, Sara Sargent, Allison Keating (White), Brooke Spafford, Meghan McCauley, and Angie Harwood. The board also approved letters of resignation from Thomas Trunk, bus driver; and Christopher Adkins, teacher.


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