Sailorway is embracing camp theme inviting community to participate

By Melanie Williamson

Each year Sailorway Middle School chooses a new theme that guides new and ongoing school activities and events. This year, the administration has chosen a camp theme and is working to ensure the students learn plenty of new skills. As part of this adventure, they have instituted a new program called S.A.I.L., which stands for Skills for life, Advisory, Interventions, and Literacy.

Sailorway principal Beth Bartlome provided the following breakdown of each category.

Skills – Incorporating life skills for out students to become independent members of society. The skills taught during this time will vary greatly depending on the teacher or volunteer leading the group. Suggestions have included teaching how to properly address an envelope, count change back, and make a grilled cheese sandwich. Bartlome shared they hope to include a variety of games and fun activities during this time that will give the students something to look forward to.

Advisory – Providing the opportunity for students to build relationships with other students and with an adult advocate, and to learn proactive behaviors to be their best selves. Advisory time will include both instruction and team building activities and will be led primarily by school counselors.

Intervention – Individualized intervention when students need support based on their TBT data. Intervention time has been set up to give students an opportunity to interact with their teachers and work on areas they are struggling. It is not intended to be a time for them to make up homework or work they didn’t finish during class.

Literacy – Literacy enrichment to develop lifelong readers. This will include silent reading time. Students will be recognized for the number of books they read, which will also count towards their team points.

Each grade with have a 30-minute SAIL period each day, and that time will be divided among the four content categories. As part of this program, each grade level will have a “camp activities” session each week. This session will give them the opportunity to interact with members of the community while learning a new skill or activity.

Sailorway is inviting community members to volunteer to come into the school building from 1:50 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. to teach an activity to a group of approximately 50 children. Camp sessions will be held every day, but if someone is interested in teaching a specific grade level, they should call the school office to find out what days that grade will be having a camp session.

Bartlome stated that they are very open to the types of activities that are taught. Some ideas she thought of included making bird feeders, learning how to use a compass, sewing a button, tying various knots, basic cooking, juggling, etc. Superintendent Phil Pempin has volunteered to teach several sessions on putting together model cars and rockets. Assistant superintendent Jim Ballata has volunteered to teach restorative circles, which is a technique to help students improve their interpersonal communication skills. They are compiling a list of ideas if any community members are interested in volunteering but aren’t sure what to do.

Volunteers will need to bring the materials for their activity to accommodate 50 students.  To volunteer to teach a camp activity, those interested can call the Sailorway school office at 440-204-1702.


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