Vermilion Township trustees respond to multiple resident complaints

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, June 6, for a regular meeting. The following are from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Resident concerns: Resident Carl Hill brought up a concern regarding garbage receptacles at Shore Acres.  Robert Kurtz stated he would follow-up with the Erie County Health Department since they have jurisdiction over Mobile Home Parks.  Hill also brought up for discussion the possibility of placing a turn lane by Sailorway Drive.  Kurtz explained the topic of a turn lane was requested a few years ago, when that intersection was re-done, but ODOT stated it was not warranted.

Vermilion Township Fire Department update: Between May 16 and May 31, the fire department responded to one assist in Berlin Township, 10 EMS assists, two accidents, and one vehicle fire. An agreement was entered with Verizon for two (2) basic phones, one for each squad.  The necessity is dictated to contact the hospital transporting to in case they are out of radio contact range.  The cost is $30.00 per month for both phones.  These phones will remain in the units assigned. Chief Frank Triana extended a thank you to all those who came out to the firefighter’s pancake breakfast. The chief would like to again use Waterway Inc. to test their hoses and ladders and has asked the board of trustees to consider this service again and approve up to $3,500.00 for completion of testing. The board voted and approved this expense.

Hiring: Kurtz informed the Board two of the newly hired temporary help and part-time laborers for the Road Department have not worked out.  One never responded back for employment and the other one did not pass the drug test; therefore, an amended Resolution needs to be passed excluding these two individuals as temporary help and part-time laborers for the Road Department, which the trustees did. The board discussed hiring more temporary help and part-time laborers for the road department.  Kurtz stated there were more applicants that were interested in the job and could be considered.  The board decided to table for further review and discussion with the road department personnel.

Mowing problems: Kurtz asked for direction on a property on Kneisel Road that the township receives continual complaints about regarding mowing.  The property owner has been notified to mow it.  The township also mowed this property last year.  The township has mowed this property knocking down the high grass with the exception of a few spots that residents in the area have been dumping leaves, branches, and rocks.  Kurtz stated they did not want to damage their equipment regarding these areas.  A resident near the property has called and deemed this unacceptable.  Kurtz stated he explained to the resident, the township is not a landscaper and normally just knocks down the high grass upon mowing and asked for the board’s recommendation on whether they would like the road crew to weed whip this property.  After discussion the board agreed, if summer help was available, the road crew could weed whip this property to make it more presentable and make the residents happy.


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