Township trustees talk to parks board to create community playground

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, February 21. The following is from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Road Department: Road Foreman Steve Young reported that they are continuing work on signs and should be completed with that within a few weeks. Tom Lalonde informed the Board he had attended the Pesticide Recertification Conference last Thursday, February 15, 2018.  Hours have been completed and license requirement is satisfied for three years with annual renewal.

New township garage: Mr. Daniel Frederick, Architect, was in attendance to discuss the final design and construction of the new township garage maintenance building and going out to bid.  Topics discussed included air supply; electricity; floor finish; floor drains; work by owner (move dura-patcher and propane/sanitary/demo building); options on bid-alternatives bid separately, and various miscellaneous details.

Fire department updates: According to a report read by assistant chief Robert Kurtz, the township fire department responded to 30 EMS assists, 2 reports of odor of smoke, one commercial alarm, and three accidents between February 1 and February 20.

Finley Fire was on site Thursday, February 15, 2018 and replaced both rear wheel brake cylinders on 842.  The left side was blown and rendered the vehicle out of service.  A water leak also detected while Finley Fire was here and will be addressed in-house.  The master drain valve has rusted through a sizable crack in the housing and can be seen upon inspection.  In the mean-time, the department will run an Engine as a backup to 842 on calls.  The new master drain valve has been ordered and should be replaced by the end of the week.

Firefighter training continues to take advantage of the ice on the lake.  The members were out again training Ice Rescue skill sets on February 12th.  Crews also used the RDC (Rapid Deployable Craft) throughout the training.  They have decided to leave the RDC inflated in the trailer for faster deployment while on scene.  The Chief is in the process of pricing out Ice Commander rescue suits for the department since their present suits have reached their 10-year life span.  They will phase these present suits out of the system as time goes on.

Assistant Chief Kurtz added they have added two (2) like new cots to the fire department at a cost of  $400.00 each (average cost for new are $4,500.00 each) from Margaretta Fire Department for a total savings of approximately $8,200.00.

Medic squad:  The Fire Department has been actively looking for a newer squad with less mileage than the present unit.  Westlake Fire has a unit that is in pretty good shape.  A 2005 model year, 108,000 miles, some rust which can be taken care of locally.  Lights will need to be replaced which the department has on site from replacing lights on apparatus in station.  A crew has gone to Westlake and inspected the vehicle with the Chief and Master Mechanic.  All paperwork is available.  The crew advises this would be a good fit for Vermilion Township Fire Department.  They are asking $15,000.00 for the unit; however, after discussion with our guys, Westlake will work with the department on a price.  They will be asked to address two doors that stick, as well as, two windows that need attention prior to the purchase.  The Chief asked for the Board of Trustees consideration and authorization to spend up to $15,000.00 on this unit, which was voted on an approved.

Road maintenance building: Upon Kurtz request, the trustees passed a motion authorizing to go out to bid for the new Road Maintenance Building for Vermilion Township. Sealed bids will be accepted until 12 noon on March 20, 2018 at the Vermilion Township Building Department located at 1907 State Road in Vermilion.  All bids will be opened at the regular Trustee Public Meeting on March 21, 2018.

Sherod Park: Trustee Trinter shared that he attended the previous Vermilion Parks and Recreation meeting and spoke to the board regarding the idea of the Township working with the Parks Board to build a community playground at Sherod Park. The board expressed that they are interested in working with the township on such a project.



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