Township administrator responds to resident complaint regarding lights

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, January 17, for a regular monthly meeting. The following are from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Road department updates: Road foreman Steve Young reported that due to the current issue with the recently tar and chipped roads, pictures were taken and given to the Administrator, Bob Kurtz. Young also reported that Florence Township agreed to let Vermilion Township use their gas operated post pounder, but an adapter for U-Channel is needed to allow our township to use the post pounder.  The U-Channel can be purchased at an approximate cost between $300.00 to $325.00. A motion was made and approved authorizing the purchase of the needed adaptor.

Building and zoning updates: Building officer/zoning administrator Robert Kurts discussed follow-up regarding resident concern over the brightness of Pat O’Brien Chevrolet Dealership lights.  Mr. Kurtz had a conversation with Mr. Tim King, Erie Regional Planning, to see if there was anything in the original approval.  Mr. King said there was nothing in the approval that said they had to dim their lights at night.  Mr. Kurtz also stated there was nothing in the township zoning that requires them to do so; however, he did have a conversation with Kim Mulder, Star Builders Inc., who explained the reason for the lights were for security purposes, but also stated they may be able to turn half of the lights off.  Mr. Mulder will be following up with Mr. Pat O’Brien to see if they can do something voluntarily to dim the lights while still serving their needs, as well as, residents.

Mr. Kurtz reported on letter sent to the Board from Ohio Department of Transportation regarding an upcoming detour in Florence Township for a 2018 proposed culvert replacement on State Route 60 between SR 113 and the Ohio Turnpike in Erie County.  ODOT is requiring no further action from Board.

Fire Department updates: According to assistant chief Kurtz, between January 1 and January 16, the department responded to 16 EMS assists, two car accidents, and three commercial fire alarms.

Warren Fire was on Station January 9, 2018 for bench testing of all SCBA’s and face pieces.  All SCBA’s passed testing.  The air pack that was out for service was put back into service and regulator was repaired by Warren Fire.  The air packs are now 10 years of age and, for the most part, are problem free.  The air cylinders are presently in a cycle for hydrostatic testing.  The department did

send 23 bottles to Warren Fire for the Hydrostatic testing and when those have been returned the remaining 20 or so bottles will then be sent out to be tested.

The firefighters will be out on the ice, as temperatures and the formation of ice dictates, for Ice Rescue Training. Firefighters were recertified in CPR and AED on Monday, January 15, through University Hospitals.  The monthly trainings have been well presented and well received by department members.

Group purchasing program: Mr. Kurtz reported on the meeting with Mr. Doug Smith, Account Manager at IAP-Government Services Group State Purchasing Program and is recommending that the township does not use these services at this time.  Mr. Kurtz feels that there are more questions with the program and with where the township is regarding construction of the new township building, it would not be worth the approximate cost of $30,000.00 for them to monitor the project.  Trustee Dickel attended the meeting, as well, and agreed it was not beneficial to use this program at the current time.

Motions passes: The trustees passed two motions.  The first was authorizing payment of $150.00 for the Vermilion Township Fire Department’s Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Dependents Fund (Assessment Number ARINV-024881) pursuant to section 146.09 of the Ohio Revised Code to be taken from the Fire District Fund. The second motion was authorizing payment to participate in the Erie Regional Planning Commission (ERPC) and Metropolitan Planning Organization located at 2900 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky for Fiscal Year 2018 at a cost of $2,967.00.  Based upon 2010 census – population of 4,945 x .60.


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