Vermilion Township trustees receive updates from different departments


The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, January 3. The following are from the minutes of that meeting.

Resident complaint: Resident voiced concern with the lights at Pat O’Brien Chevrolet located on State Route 60.  The resident stated that he was told, prior to completion of the building, the lights were going to be throttled down after hours to a security level which he feels is not happening.  Mr. Kurtz has been following up with Mr. Tim King, ERPC to see what had previously been discussed and the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office.  He will continue to follow-up this issue with Pat O’Brien Chevrolet as well.

Building and zoning updates: Building official/zoning administrator Robert Kurtz reported for December the Zoning Department issued 1 lot split ($25.00) for a total fee collection of $25.00; the Building Department issued 3 permits with a total fee collection of $410.00 and total valuation of work being done at $22,250.00.

The 2017 Year End Building Report:  208 Building Inspections of which 136 were approved, 37 conditionally approved and 35 not approved; 42 No permit inspections performed; $550.00 collected in re-inspection fees; 46 violations/property maintenance inspections; 49 high grass inspections; township road crew mowed 3 different properties a total of ten times.  Mowing fees totaled $1,350.00 ($1,050.00 certified in taxes for parcels and $300.00 fee paid by property owner).

Fire department update: Chief Frank Tirana reported that between December 20 and December 31, they responded to 12 EMS assists, one car accident, one public assist, one fire, and one commercial fire alarm. Engine 821 cord reel, wiring and light fixture change out has been completed.  All air packs will receive annual bench testing on January 9, 2018.

Road inspection: Trustee Dickel informed the Board that Mr. Tim Lloyd, P.E. from the Erie County Engineers Office did inspect some of the roads regarding the tar and chip issue and stated the bond was good until October 2018.  They are going to keep on eye on the roads at issue.  Mr. Kurtz stated there was something wrong with their emulsion, or it was too cold, or the stone was dirty.  Trustee Dickel agreed there was something wrong.  Trustee Trinter asked if roads could be redone since the bond is good until October 2018.  Trustee Dickel replied they had come back a previous year to make repairs.  The Board agreed to keep an eye on the situation.




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