Brownhelm trustees receive updates and hear resident complaints

The following is from the minutes of the Brownhelm Township Board of Trustees regular meeting held on Monday, December 4.

Resignations: The trustees received the letter of resignation from Chuck Latto III resigning from the Zoning Board of Appeals as of January 1, 2018. Tom Moes shared that his letter of resignation from the Zoning Board of Appeals was in the mail and would be effective as of December 31, 2017.

Zoning update:  Zoning inspector John Schmalz submitted 4 permits, 2 home and 2 barns.  There was an issue with a setback in a cul-de-sac on Greystone, but this has been resolved.  A letter was sent to Lorain County Auto concerning various cars, but no response has been received.  There was also correspondence from the Crawford’s on Claus Rd about their neighbor with multiple vehicles, which appear to be unlicensed.

            Labor department updates: Labor superintendent Scott Schmalz reported on a blocked tile on the west side of Claus near the cross over tile that the township is going to replace.  Vermilion’s jet truck came to try and unblock the tile and then a camera was used.  It appears the blockage is near the Northern Ohio Rural Water line; NORW will be looking at this area.  The new pickup truck is due to be built the week of Dec 11th.  The township hall’s mold remediation work has been completed; the contractor will begin work within the next few weeks. Schmalz had the trustees review a letter he was going to pass out to residents about snow issues and the placement of garbage receptacles.  The Lorain County Engineer’s office will be tapering the pavement edges with stone at the Middle Ridge/Baumhart intersection; this may not be done until Spring 2018.  Maurer Door will be installing a new overhead garage opener at a cost of around $650 plus $35 for each transmitter. Schmalz was checking into internet service at the garage.  It appears that Centurytel internet would run approximately $60/month; Time Warner will be surveying the area to determine coverage availability and cost.

             Resident concerns: John Perry submitted a letter to the Trustees and the Lorain County Prosecutor’s office on his opinions as to various invalid issues with the application/permits for the Zero9 Solutions gun range on Cooper Foster Park Rd.  Perry also questioned procedures for the publishing of the minutes in the PhotoJournal and their posting on the website.

Another resident, Mr. Wilms noted that one adjacent property owner of  the Lorain Pistol & Rifle Club was not notified of Club’s hearing which was held in May 2005.

Tom Rini reported on continuing water problems, especially after the November 13 and November 14 rains.  He asked why the Lorain County Commissioners’ scheduled viewing for the Mapleview Ditch SWAC project was cancelled.  According to the minutes, the viewing was cancelled because of an ambiguous address, so prosecutor requested the cancellation and the petition process needs to start again.  Trustees will check with Lorain County on the required steps for this new process.

                Claus Road: A motion was made and approved to accept the bid of $6700 from Miller Excavating for the replacement of the Claus Road cross over tile.

              SWAC grant projects: Two projects are being considered for SWAC grant funding.  The Gore Orphanage Hillside Erosion Repair will cost approximately $54,000 according to plans by the Lorain County Engineer’s office.  The Lorain County Engineer’s office is estimating the Baumhart/Whittlesey Rd Ditch to be approximately $154,500; with the project being split into three different phases.  Phase 1 would cost approximately $26,250, Phase 2 at $97,250, and Phase 3 at $31,000. A motion was presented and approved to submit the SWAC grant application for bother projects.



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