Archival Society is working hard to preserve the history of Vermilion

         For the past several years volunteers have been diligently cataloging the Vermilion Area Archival Society’s collection into PastPerfect Museum software.  Hundreds of photos and historical documents have been donated to the Society for preservation. In cooperation with the library, the Society will be providing public online access to the photos and documents for research and general information.

“We have boxes and boxes of items to be cataloged and we are still discovering what we own. It’s a very time consuming process. The volunteers have been wonderful.” said Janet Ford, historian of the organization. In the last year over 350 volunteer hours have been clocked.

Current volunteers are Glenn Cutcher, Janet Ford, Shelly Innes and Sue Innes. Past volunteers include: Mary Risdon, Robin Felice, Bill Wood, Bud Ennis, Candy Fischer, Georgi Tarrant and Margaret Wakefield Worcester.

Through memberships, donations and the annual calendar fundraiser, the Society has been able to purchase 2 computers, 2 scanners, a printer and the necessary archival supplies to preserve the historical documents.

At the Archival Society’s annual meeting on January 3rd, the following officers and directors were elected: Margaret Wakefield Worcester-president, Judy Gutman–vice-president, Walter Baughman–secretary, Bob Reese-treasurer, Janet Ford-historian and directors: Shelly Innes and Marie Agen. Sandy Neiding is charge of publicity.

To honor the library’s 100th year, the “Stories of Vermilion – Oral History Series” will be the featured programs of the Archival Society. Long-time residents of Vermilion will be videotaped and interviewed by Rich Tarrant, Vermilion historian and curator of the Vermilion History Museum on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM in the Community Room of the library.

If you have historical items of the Vermilion area that you would like to donate, please contact Janet Ford at  or items can be dropped off at the front desk of the library for the Archival Society.


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