Trustees select zoning board alternate, address resident concerns

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, December 6, for a regular meeting. The following is from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Building/zoning updates: Building official/zoning administrator Robert Kurtz reported that in the month of November, the zoning department issues five permits ($512.60) and 4 address signs ($60.00) with a total fee collection of $572.60. The Building Department issued 15 permits with total revenue of $2,418.00 and total valuation of work being done at $462,492.00.

Mr. Kurtz informed the Board, an application was received from Robert C. Joslyn, resident, to serve as an alternate on the Zoning Board Commission.  He asked the Board to review application and candidate will be contacted to attend a future Board meeting if the Board so desires.

Mr. Kurtz discussed a letter that was received by nine residents on Colonial Court wanting to express their concerns to the Trustees that they would object to any thoughts of ever vacating the 20-foot walkway that provides a public access to the lake.  Mr. Kurtz explained to the Board, that he informed the residents that there have not been any thoughts of vacating that walkway to date.  The residents want it on record that they are not in favor of having that 20-foot strip of land vacated.  Their letter will be kept on file.

The resident in attendance explained that there was lakefront construction done by a contractor and the right-a-way in question was used all summer and the fact that they put a make shift road in and had heard some discussion about some owners wishing to see if the land could be purchased.  The residents just wanted to ensure the board that the residents were not in favor of land being purchased.  The only request the resident had was for the contractor to put the road surface back to the grassy surface.  Mr. Kurtz informed the resident that would be done.  The surface will be returned to the original surface.

Fire department updates: Chief Frank Triana reported that between November 14 and November 30, they responded to 18 EMS assists, three vehicle accidents, and one commercial fire alarm.

The Fire Department wishes to thank the Hindmarsh Foundation for their gift of $2,000.00 to the Firefighters Association.  This money will be used to purchase new extrication and fire gloves for the firefighters.

Firefighters were out at Kingston Assisted Living earlier this month and provided emergency drags, lifts, and carries training for the staff.

Motions: A motion was presented and passed to enter into the Annual Maintenance Agreement with Sterling PC Maintenance Solutions for the Vermilion Township Website ( at a cost of $500 per year from December 1, 2017 through November 30, 2018.  This includes hosting, software and security.

A motion was presented and carried to enter into a contract with the Erie County Sheriff, under the auspices of Ohio Revised Code §505.37, for the provision of “primary dispatch” services for the Vermilion Township Fire Department for 911 call and tone out responses to those calls.  The contract will commence on January 1, 2018 at 12:01 for the sum of $1,286.18 annually for 2018 (includes 2% increase); $1,311.90 annually for 2019 (includes 2% increase); $1,338.14 annually for 2020 (includes 2% increase), payable in accordance with the Contract which shall remain in effect until 12:00 midnight on December 31, 2020, an executed original of which is herein attached and incorporated by reference as Exhibit A. This contract shall automatically renew for three (3) consecutive one-year terms until December 31, 2020, unless canceled pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 8 in accordance with the original contract.

Zoning board alternate: The township secretary read a letter dated November 29, 2017 from Mrs. Laraine Bailey, Board of Zoning Appeals Secretary recommending the term of Steve Davis as member of the Vermilion Township Board of Zoning Appeals be renewed for a term of five (5) years to expire December 31, 2022. Following the letter being read, the trustees voted and approved Davis as an alternate.



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