Reminder given to Vermilion Township residents regarding snow plows

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, December 20.

Road updates: Steve Young, Road Foreman, reported that Tar and Chip is still coming off several roads.  Trustee Dickel has talked to the county about the issue and Tim Lloyd, P.E. will be coming out to inspect the roads.  Mr. Young stated they had talked to Berlin Township and they were experiencing the same problem. Young also reported to the trustees that weight limits signs have been received and will start being placed. He requested a policy be developed for drainage regarding tying into catch basins and pipes, and discussed writing a policy establishing responsibility when it comes to replacing driveway tiles due to a separation or broken pipe.

Snow plowing: Young wanted to provide a snow plowing reminder for residents: Please do not follow a snowplow driver too closely.  Keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the plow is very important to avoid accidents and allow the snow plow operator plenty of room to work.  Young would like the residents to know that the Erie County Sheriff Department makes the call for the snow plow drivers to come out for snow removal or a Board member.  Also, a reminder that the state (ODOT) is responsible for plowing State Route 2, State Route 6 (Lake Road) and State Route 60 and the Erie County Highway Department is responsible for plowing Darrow Rd., Joppa Rd. (South of Route 6), Mason Rd., and Risden Rd. (South of Route 6).

Building/zoning update: Mr. Kurtz  is working on proposed policies regarding drainage and ditch/drive tile to allow for consistency throughout the township.  He will bring policies before the board for their review and consideration upon completion.  Kurtz is checking with other townships and the Erie County Prosecutor regarding these policies.

Kurtz also informed the board a very large tree was taken down on south Poorman Road in road right-of-way.  It was split on the bottom and leaning out into the road.  Quality One Tree Service removed tree for $500.00.

Fire department update: According to assistant fire chief Kurtz, between December 1 and December 19, they had 23 EMS assists, 1 commercial fire alarm, four car accidents, and one residential fire alarm.

Cord reel and electrical cord for 821 are in the process of being changed out.  The reel connections are no longer reliable and cuts out at the most inappropriate times. One air pack is out of service and at Warren Fire for repairs to the regulator.

Emergency services: The board voted to enter into a contract with the City of Vermilion for Ambulance Service through North Central EMS of Milan, Ohio for the year 2018 at a cost of $15,034.44 per annum effective for the term of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Updates: Trustee Trinter had a conversation with Doug Smith, IAP Government Services Group who would like to give a short presentation on what their group does and how they could assist the township with any projects they may have.  Trustee Trinter advised Mr. Smith to come to a January meeting for the presentation.

Trustee Dickel noted that ODOT is going to be on State Route 60/State Route 113 to take light down and make it a four way stop due to accidents.  They are going to take light down on State Route 61/State Route 113 and make it a four way stop as well.


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