Council members are sworn-in, receive assignments, approve appointments

By Karen Cornelius

Due to New Year’s Day falling on a Monday, Vermilion City Council was sworn-in on a frigid Tuesday night, January 2, at 7 p.m. by Vermilion Municipal Court Judge Zack Dolyk. At 8 p.m. council held an organizational and regular meeting with the time mandated by the city charter. City council was given their assignments for committees and mayor Jim Forthofer’s appointments and re-appointments to boards and commissions were approved.


Council president Steve Herron passed out committee assignments for 2018-2019 with Brian Holmes, Finance chairman and Frank Loucka, vice-chair; Barb Brady is chair of Health and Safety with John Gabriel the vice-chair; Monica Stark is chair of Legislative with Brian Holmes, vice-chair; Steve Holovacs is chair of Utilities with Barb Brady the vice-chair; and Frank Loucka is chair of Streets, Buildings, and Grounds with Steve Herron, vice chair. As far as boards and commissions assignments, John Gabriel is both Historic Design and Review and Planning Commission representative; Steve Holovacs is the Contractor Registration representative; Barb Brady is going to Zoning Board of Appeals and Main Street Vermilion; Brian Holmes is Parks and Recreation representative; Frank Loucka is Port Authority; Steve Herron goes to Tree Commission; and Monica Stark is Vermilion Community Service council representative.


A new council and a new year bring new seating assignments as well. Seated in the audience looking at the dias from left to right are: Mayor Jim Forthofer, John Gabriel for Ward I; Frank Loucka, Ward II; Steve Holovacs, Ward III; Brian Holmes, Ward V; Steve Herron, council president; clerk of council Gwen Fisher; Monica Stark, council-at-large; and Barb Brady, Ward IV.


For city correspondence there was one letter from mayor Forthofer stating his intent to act as safety director with no compensation. This was aproved by city council under new business. The mayor also wrote a letter to council nominating his choices for board and commission appointments and re-appointments. These were all approved under new business. They approved the re-appointment of Tom Pesek to the Contractors Registration Board. They approved Marilou Suszko, Robbie Brown, and Erika Cann to the Historic Design & Review Board. They accepted the re-appointment of Jon Logue and Dennis Brudney to the Parks and Recreation Board. The appointment of Jim Pajk was approved to the Vermilion Planning Commission. Todd Sommers was approved for the Vermilion Port Authority re-appointment. Reappointed to Stormwater Advisory Committee was R.J. Hickey and appointed to Stormwater was Matt Hasel, and Jim Schoene. Re-appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals was Bob Voltz. Two more re-appointments were Mary Moes and Jerry Western to the Vermilion Tree Commission. Mike Bahn was a new appointment to the Tree Commission.


In other business at the regular meeting, Kenneth Stumphauzer of Walter/Haverfield LLP of Avon was re-appointed law director for the city with the approval of city council. Re-appointed as service director was Tony Valerius. A new city engineer was appointed and approved as Bramhall Engineering of Avon, Ohio. Chad Kuhns was reappointed as recreation director. The re-appointment of Brian Keller as finance director failed and mayor Forthofer will find another nominee to be appointed in the near future.


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