Get your skates ready for city ice rink

There are a few upsides to the brutally cold weather coming in for those who enjoy outdoor sports and for those who like ice skating. The city ice rink at the corner of Devon Drive and Douglas has been waiting for the right weather to open from dawn until midnight. This is the seventh year the city has had an ice rink for the community.

Vermilion volunteer Tim Costello takes daily care of the rink with the cooperation of the Vermilion Parks and Recreation Board. This year there is a Twitter account:vtownicerink where people can see the current conditions of the ice so they don’t have to come out if the ice is slushy or too bumpy.
In addition to recreational skating there are hockey nets, sticks, and pucks for the sports fans and broom hockey is available. There is also lighting and benches available for people to sit and watch. Come on out and have some winter fun.


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