By Superintendent Philip Pempin and Treasurer Suzanne Wilson

By now everyone is aware of the loss of teacher Matt Kobal last week.   As a school community we are still grieving the loss of Melanie Stainbrook, and this additional loss has been overwhelming for our staff and students.  Through it all, we have been proud of the generosity and compassion shown by both students and staff as they worked together to honor Matt and Melanie and support their families.

Tragedies like these force us to step back and think about our priorities.  If there is anything to be learned, it is that life is truly very short, and we need to be ever cognizant of the way we interact with each other.  This week in each of our schools the staff and students have called for a greater emphasis on treating each other with kindness.  Many of our students are calling on their peers to end bullying and abusive behaviors.  They recognize that only in working together can everyone achieve success.

In this week of Thanksgiving, we ask that you join us in being thankful for all that is good in our lives.  We live in a beautiful and safe community, with good schools and many other amenities.  We are much more fortunate than others throughout the world.  We encourage you to take time to express your gratitude by helping someone less fortunate throughout the coming holiday season.

Ohio Auditor Report

The Vermilion Schools annual financial reports for 2016-2017 have been filed with the Auditor of State’s office in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 117.38.  The un-audited report is available for public inspection at our office, or can be viewed on the Treasurer’s page of our website, .


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