A series of thefts on Wine Street reminds residents to lock their car doors

By Melanie Williamson

With more reported car break-ins, this time on Wine Street, residents are reminded once again to lock their vehicles and avoid leaving valuables in them. On Tuesday, October 24, two residents in the 800 block of Wine Street reported to the Erie County Sheriff’s office that their vehicles had been entered and items were missing.

One resident reported that the vehicle was accidentally left unlocked and he noticed when leaving for work the next morning that several items were stolen including a laptop, his work tool belt, a Milwaukee work drill, and a gym bag that among other things contained Beats headphones.

A second resident in the 800 block of Wine Street also filed a report with the Erie County sheriff’s Department reporting that she got home around 8 a.m. and when she went to leave again around 11 a.m., she saw that someone had gone through her vehicle. She also had several things stolen including a Coach Messenger Bag containing among other things her work identification card, her Coach sunglasses, and prescriptions. She also reported that the vehicle was unlocked at the time.

While talking to the first resident, it was stated to the deputy that other people in the area had also had their vehicles broken into recently. Deputy Matthew Heery strongly encouraged him to inform his neighbors about the theft and encourage them to lock their vehicles.

This isn’t the first time Vermilion residents have had issues with vehicles being entered. Over the summer, there was a rash of thefts involving vehicles being entered. In almost every case, the vehicles had been left unlocked prompting officers from the Vermilion Police Department to remind residents to lock their vehicles and if they see something suspicious to report it.


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