Charting the Course

Every year, on November 11, Veterans Day, the Vermilion Veterans Council organizes events that take place that day.  We are very fortunate to have three veterans’ organizations in Vermilion, American Legion, AMVETS and Veterans of Foreign War (VFW).  Together, they form the Veterans Council.

In the daily life of our community, the Veterans Council is involved in many activities and duties.  You would probably would not be aware of all the work they do unless you are involved in these activities.  When a veteran passes away, they have a military service at the funeral.  Members of the Veterans Council attend all these services.  They take care of the flags and replace them when necessary.  They send a representative to all the Eagle Scout ceremonies.  They visit the area Veterans Homes to visit our senior or disabled veterans.  All the veterans groups separately have many functions and programs that celebrate our youth and support scholarships.  They help with the elderly in the community.  They are always willing to hold fundraising events at their facilities.  They are there for the families where there is a need.  They are the helping hand that is extended to veterans and their families and to our community.  They understand this strong sense of obligation to the community, the state and to the nation.  The present officers of the Veterans Council are:  Angus Bartlett, President, Charles Young, Vice President, and Officers David Workman, Rita Hart, and Doug Summers.  If you see any of these individuals, please thank them for their service.  I would also like to mention John Vargo, who recently passed away.  He served on the Veteran’s Council for many years and will be missed.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony on November 11.  It is held at Exchange Park at the corner of Main and Liberty Avenue in our downtown at 11 AM.  Check your newspaper for all the events that day.  It is an important day in history and an important way to recognize our veterans.  The holiday originally was known an Armistice Day but was changed to Veterans Day in 1954.  It is a celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve our county.  It is our time in our community to recognize and thank our veterans. Many restaurants in the area provide free or discounted meals on this day for our veterans.  Dave Hoffman at Liberty Car Wash will be giving free car washes to veterans on November 10 and November 11.  The Veterans Council organizes this day as well as ceremonies for the Korean War, Pearl Harbor Day and September 11 events.  They also organize the Memorial Day parade and ceremony.

I never realized how much the Veterans Council do for our town until I became Mayor.  They are an integral part of our community and I commend them for all their hard work and dedication to the youth and veterans in the Vermilion area.

We celebrate our soldiers and veterans on November 11 but we should always remember then every day.  As we are here in Vermilion, Ohio, soldiers are fighting for us throughout the world.  Remember to pray for them and remember to thank a veteran for their service.


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