Beware of deer-vehicle crashes this month, be cautious on Route 2

By Karen Cornelius

According to law enforcement and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, November is the leading month for deer-vehicle crashes in the state due to increased deer activity, mating season. Lorain County is also the second highest in the state with Stark County coming in first.


Statistics show that in 2016, 4,256 deer-related accidents were recorded in November with a total of 18,400 people involved across the state. In 2016, Lorain County had 459 of those crashes.


The Erie County Sheriff’s Department has recently announced some safety tips for drivers asking for caution when driving throughout the counties, particularly in the rural areas and around dawn or dusk. Drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop in areas where they may be used to seeing deer. Be mindful, deer will be very unpredictable and may cross in front of a vehicle without warning. If one deer crosses the road, be prepared for other deer to follow.


Additionally, if a deer suddenly appears in front of a vehicle, the driver should try not to swerve to avoid a collision. Sudden swerving can cause lose of control of the vehicle resulting in a crash with another motor vehicle or a fixed object along the roadway that could cause far more serious damage than if the driver had struck a deer. If anyone is involved in a collision and the vehicle is operable, move it well off the roadway if possible to avoid being struck by another vehicle. If a vehicle is inoperable and is in the road or berm, remain seated with seat belt on. Call 911 and report the location and extent of injuries.


If there is a deer-related crash in the city of Vermilion, the Vermilion Police Department will respond to dispose of the deer or handle a fresh carcass. The department does have a list of people to call who want those deer. They come to the station and receive a receipt and do as they please with those dead deer. If anyone wants to be on the call list to receive a deer they can call the Vermilion Police at the nonemergency number, 440-967-6116.


Those traveling in the Greater Vermilion Area should exercise extreme caution driving on Route 2, the number one spot for deer-related crashes. Also be cautious on Vermilion Road, North Ridge, and roads to the south.


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