Charting the Course

By Mayor Eileen Bulan

There is a new park levy on the ballot for the City of Vermilion!  This levy will help improve the maintenance of our parks and expand recreational programming.

To give a little history, on November 7, 1961, the voters of Vermilion adopted the City Charter which took effect January 1, 1962.  Included in that Charter was the establishment of a Park and Recreation Board.  This board saw the need to make capital improvements to our parks and placed a levy on the ballot.  This levy was passed by the voters in 1963 and has been in place for 54 years.  This levy only can be used for capital improvements of our parks and cannot be used for salaries, maintenance, operations or recreational programs.  We have not asked for additional funding since 1963.

There have been many Park and Recreation Boards and many members since that time and they have all struggled with the maintenance and repair of our facilities, our ball parks, our pool and our recreation program.

This year, the present Park and Recreation Board members, Chairperson, Betsy Wakefield, members Dennis Brudney, Jon Logue, Terry Parker, Brad Scholtz, Bill Warden and School Representative, Jeff Keck decided that it certainly was time to ask for a levy to maintain our 56 acres of park land and beaches, our programs and our facilities.  They asked City Council to place this issue on the ballot and you will be voting on this issue on November 7.

The City of Vermilion has 56 acres of park land, 18 parks and 4 beautiful beaches along Lake Erie that have to be maintained.  We have a park for whatever activity you desire to do. If you drive by any of our parks, you will see that much of the maintenance is done by volunteers.  You not only see the volunteers who are watering the hanging plants, you will see many more volunteers that weed and maintain all our parks throughout the city.  We will always need and welcome volunteers but the City cannot depend on volunteers to maintain 56 acres of parkland forever.

I have been Mayor for the last eight years and we have seen many improvements in our Park system.   When people move to a community, they want to be sure that it is safe, has a good school system and has a nice park system.  That is why it is vitally important that we provide safe parks and play areas for our children.  Our housing market is growing and one of the main reasons is that visitors like Vermilion.  They like our beaches and parks. They like Lake Erie.  They also like clean parks!

I ask that you support this levy this November 7 so that we can continue to improve our parks in our great town on a Great Lake, Vermilion Ohio.   Great Parks make us a Great Community!






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