Brownhelm trustees review updates on all current and upcoming projects

The Brownhelm Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, September 5, and discussed current and upcoming projects.

            Resignations: In correspondence, a letter was read from John Jasko stating that he was resigning from the Zoning Board of Appeals effective December 31, 2017 and another letter was read from Ruth Jasko stating that she was resigning as secretary of the Zoning Board of Appeals effective December 31, 2017.

            Zoning update: John Schmalz, Zoning Inspector, presented five permits for one house and four barns.  The letter sent to a Vermilion Rd resident about high grass was returned, but the grass has been mowed.  There has been no response from the property owner with high grass on Portman Rd.

           Township hall: Scott Schmalz, Labor Superintendent, reported that he had purchased a new laptop.  Roger Loosli Construction will be working on the hall bathroom that has some water damage; Strittmather will be assisting with the plumbing work.  The cost should not exceed $3000.  Loosli also gave S Schmalz an estimate of $4000 to reside the garage.  Leimbach made a motion approving work on the township bathroom not to exceed $3250 for Loosli Construction and $750 for Strittmather Plumbing, and the motion was passed.  Leimbach made a motion approving work on the Township garage siding not to exceed $4500 for Loosli Construction, and it was passed. Trustee Northeim is waiting on a response from McQueen sign about the new township meeting hall sign.

            Township maintenance updates: Linda Drive was crack sealed in cooperation with Vermilion Township.  The 2016 International Truck is finally back after Rush Truck replaced the main wiring harness.  The brush at Brownhelm Lakefront Park has been cut at a cost of $800.  Trustee Leimbach told Schmalz about a torn flag at Baumhart and North Ridge; Schmalz told him that the flags were coming down within the next week.  Trustee Northeim asked for the dumpster dates to be updated on the garage sign.  Township is waiting on the Engineer’s office and/or City of Vermilion to try and clear out the crossover tile at the south end of Claus Rd.

              Ongoing questions about the shooting range: John Perry asked about the decibels with the shooting range; he was told to contact ODNR who controls outdoor shooting ranges.  Carl Wilms asked about the shooting range’s retaining walls which were stated to be 12’ to 25’ high. Questions are being directed to ODNR.

            Upcoming projects: The Lorain County Engineer’s office is working on estimates for two projects for SWAC; Baumhart Road north by Whittlesey, and Gore Orphanage on the hillside for a drain trough.

The Mapleview OPWC project should be starting shortly.  The contractor, DL Smith, has contacted the Lorain County Engineer’s office about setting up a pre-construction meeting.  Scott Schmalz is the township contact person.  The Lorain County Engineer’s office will do the inspections.

Nieding made a motion to have the Lorain County Engineer’s office stripe Middle Ridge from the Amherst Township line to Baumhart at a cost of $400, and the motion was approved.


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